Using Material from Players Hanbook II

1. New Core Classes

  • beguiler: i’m sure that the Legitimate Businessmen™ of the Family would never make use of the services of a beguiler. you might find them among groups like the Drummers or the All-Seeing Eye would probably also be able to find good use for them. and i suspect that the occasional one shows up in other phyles as well.
  • dragon shaman: Talon only (no surprise here)
  • Duskblade: the Guards of the Clock, an elite security detail in the Clock Tenders, include many duskblades. they’re not terribly common, but not rare in most phyles either (except the Hospitalers, of course)
  • Knight: Bastion of Righteousness, Regium, Overlords primarily. some other phyles may have small orders of knights (although probably not groups like the Maul or the Drummers...)

2. Alternate Class Features

alternate class features are generally available.

3/4. Feats and Spells

most feats and spells listed in this chapter should be available – best to ask me just to make sure.

5/6. stuff about characters and parties

  • i suspect that the character background stuff won’t be that useful to any of the current players or characters, but feel free to have a look at it if you want. of course, the nature of the polychotomy means that some of the standard fantasy assumptions made in some of the flavour text won’t apply…
  • party backgrounds: the background for this group was originally Childhood Friendship or some variant of it. we’ve started wandering away from that (partly due to PC death, of course) – i wonder if at some point putting together a group charter might be a good idea?
  • teamwork benefits: as noted in my general review, this isn’t the first list of such things across which i’ve come. anyone interested?

7. Affiliations

i intend to be using the Affiliation mechanic (perhaps slightly revised) as a way of tracking phyle standing. to do this, i’ll need to come up with a number of types of information about the phyle, and would like your input. if you’ve got access to a copy of PHb2, please read the chapter or at minimum the rules for creating an Affiliation (p.182-189). if you don’t have acces to one, we’ll see what we can do about getting you a copy. more on this as stuff comes further together. a specific question, however: would you prefer to track your phyle standing yourself, or would you rather have the DM do it?

8. Rebuilding

as i said in my general review, i’m still not entirely sold on the concept of character rebuilding (with the exception of retconning things that you never used anyway). previous experience with a player who continually wanted to change durned near everything about his character has likely poisoned the well-water for me a little here. offhand, if (as i’m guessing is the case) y’all would like to be able to retrain and rebuild, my gut says that there should be a cost (XP? GP? time?) for retraining. rebuilding as it’s sketched out in the book is a little too vague for me, especially when dealing with things like level adjustments – Savage Species has rules for race-swapping, and i should prolly sit down and compare the two at some point.

in any case, i’d appreciate the thoughts of all y’all on the topic – how do you feel about retraining things like feats and skills? how do you feel about rebuilding things like races and class levels? are these things you want to do? if so, how often? are you concerned about possible deliterious effects to character continuity? talk!

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