PC on PC violence

PC-on-PC violence

ref conflicts between characters can be interesting role-playing situations. keep in mind, however, that a long-term party split is (in practical, out-of-game terms) logistically complicated – the DM is not interested in having to continually run two (or more) separate adventures concurrently in what is allegedly one gaming party. the premise is going to be that all the PCs are at least moderately friendly with each other. conflicts should take place in that context.

ref PC-on-PC violence will not result in XP awards unless it makes perfect sense for all characters involved, and advances the story, and is entertaining. (this last point may seem frivolous. it’s not.)

conflicts between players regarding aspects of the game need to be dealt with quickly and in an adult fashion. i am available to act as a mediator (though not an intermediary), but i’m not your parents. if you (as a player) have a problem with someone else (as a player), i expect you to deal with that.

conflicts between players and characters… i’m not quite sure what these would consist of. if you (the player) have a conflict with your own character, good on you! please make it interesting.

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PC on PC violence

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