Kaal Prophecy

The Kaal Prophecy

A prophecy appearing in the Half-Burned Codex, the Kaal prophecy reads:

“The four sons (or the fourth son) of the Kaal shall, through their actions, break apart the shards.”

or something like that. The first source of ambiguity is that the elemental languages aren’t very good at distinguishing ordinal and cardinal number, and so it’s not clear whether the prophecy means ‘the four sons’ or ‘the fourth son’. And while Terran usually is good with plurals, the ‘their actions’ phrase includes enough of the other languages that it could conceivably be ‘his action’. Some favour the cardinal/plural interpretation for practical reasons—four people can generally accomplish more than one person can. But this also raises one of the problems with identifying Nathuul Kaal with the ‘Kaal’ of the prophecy – by all reports, he only has two sons.

There are two fairly standard interpretations of “breaking apart”: one is political and the other is thaumaturgical. The political interpretation suggests that the person or persons will cause the political system to destabilize – that the shards will cease to be united. The standard response to this is that the shards are already disunited. The other interpretation is that the person or persons of whom the prophecy speaks would be able to magically destabilize portals.

Kaal Prophecy

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