Half Burned Codex

the Half-Burned Codex

The Half-Burned Codex is a book of prophecy. Followers of the Ancient Way sometimes call it the First Testament of Rhytis, as a couple of the prophecies almost certainly fortell the Ancient One’s appearance. (They also tend to ignore the entire rest of the book (including the Kaal Prophecy).) It predates the Ancient One by . . . well, it was first discovered just before the start of the Seige of Dragons, which should give you some idea of how old it is. And at that time two or three of the prophecies were for events already in the past, which suggests it’s even older.

The book predicted the start of the Seige accurately, as well as both the Sixth and Seventh Malfunctions. What’s a little more exasperating is that it’s only right about two thirds of the time. It predicted another Malfunction between the Sixth and Seventh that (as far as we can tell) never happened. It said the Seige wouldn’t end until after the end of the Sixth Malfunction, and we know that’s not correct. The prophecies are in chronological order, and up to the present, there are a total of 52 prophecies, 38 of which have come to pass.

The sporadic inaccuracy is just one of the frustrating aspects. Another one is the language. We don’t know who wrote the Codex, but it’s written in a very strange diälect of Terran – the vocabulary shows a strong influence from Celestiäl and Fiendish, while the grammar often uses structures that aren’t usually found outside of Draconic and its diälects. So just making sense of the sentences takes work, and there aren’t that many linguists out there who have the proper breadth of expertise to follow all the twists and turns of the text.

And if that’s not bad enough, the title scholars have given to the book has a good reason – half of the original book is severely charred. Many pages are smudged or partially gone. The width of the spine suggests that about the last third of the book is completely gone. The Clock Tenders allegedly have the original in one of their libraries (not the big one in the Peace), but few outside the phyle have actually seen it.

So with all of those factors put together, while the Half-Burned Codex is one of the better guides to the future out there, that doesn’t mean that it’s a very good guide.

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Half Burned Codex

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