Action points

Action Points

Action Points are implemented in a similar manner to the Eberron Campaign Setting, the biggest differences being that (a) PCs only get one additional action point per level and (b) they aren’t refreshed up to their maximum possible total on level-up.

a couple of additional rules:

ref the standard rule for the number of dice you get to roll is as follows:

level d6s rolled
1—7 1
8—14 2
15—20 3

if the player chooses, additional d6s may be converted into larger dice, so at 8th through 14th level, a player may roll 2d6 and take the higher roll, or roll 1d8. similarly, 4d6 may be exchanged for 1d10, 6d6 may be exchanged for 1d12. (and hypothetically, 14d6 may be exchanged for 1d20, but that requires a character to be 92nd level…)

meanwhile, back here i apparently asserted that action points can be bought for XP, at a rate of 100XP per level of the character doing the buying. i guess i stand by that. those can’t be done on the fly, and must be purchased in between sessions.

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Action points

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