Nathuul Kaal


Nathuul Kaal is an important member of the Overlords, part of the group known as the Gang of Four, and considered by some to be the figure named in the Kaal Prophecy. He is the father of Kalon Kaal, [[Falom]], [[Dalong|Daloŋ]], and possibly [[Nirgali]], and his current consort is [[Dea Dgarra]].


It should be noted that the Kaal family has quite a reputation (even within the realms of the overlords) as being a family of darkness. The most notorious of which is Naathul Kaal. The mention of the name itself can bring about anger and horror to those who have had dealings with him.

Domination lies within the heart of Nathuul Kaal. Domination motivates his actions. Nathuul Kaal will take great lengths and will observe great patience in order to achieve his goal of domination from those around him.

A direct expression of such domination lies in how he deals with those who oppose him or betrays him (or whom he views have betrayed him). Nathuul Kaal shows his vengeance by capturing those who have offended them and then crucifying them within the courtyards of his land. He lets his minions at them – they can do what they will just as long as death does not result. They love to tear at the victim’s flesh and inner tissues. At the same time, he assigns a Path of Blood cleric to each of his victims. This cleric is highly motivated to keep the victim from dying for a constant supply of . . . their blood. These clerics are known to keep these victims alive on their crucifixes . . . for years of torment. It is one of the only places within the shards where cure spells are used as weapons. Nathuul Kaal’s victims beg for death at the end . . . only to be refused . . . with a slight smile.

For those he particularly dislikes, Nathuul Kaal will capture one of their loved ones. He will assure the victim that the loved one will suffer the same consequence should the victim ever leave his realm of control. In this way, he can torture the poor soul until they even die and then the soul of that individual is motivated to return once again into his clutches through resurrection – Naathul Kaal dominates even within the realms of the dead.

It just so happens that this is how I met my wife – Brethanuae. Her father was a Tunneler, and he betrayed Nathuul Kaal most deeply. She was captured and her father was forced to endure countless horrors.

Brethanuae and I met within my father’s dungeon. I was imprisoned there because my father was not pleased with me (partially because of my choice in phyle.) With the help of my brother, Falom, both Brethanuae and myself escaped. With news of her escape, her father finally allowed himself to pass from the clutches of my father.

I hope this information allows you understand why Brethanuae and myself had been running for many years. Why it important that I am careful about any contact with the overlords and why my father is such a threat to me.

I also just wanted to let you know what kind of stuff you may end up to getting yourselves into . . .


Nathuul Kaal

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