Shego Mar


Classified by order of Iamitu Krielle, Head of Security, One World Party, Kiszuna’s Peace Sector


A member in good standing of the One World Party Phyle, Shego’s responsibilities include defending the Phyle from its enemies, particularly one of its most sinister and persistent foes, the Overlords. After years of acting as a bodyguard for high ranking co-phylists traveling to and from Kiszuna’s Peace and occasionally acting as a ‘troubleshooter’ when needed (rescue missions and occasionally other activities that he is not at liberty to talk about), Shego has been placed on ‘detached duty’ in order to follow up on rumors that the Overlords have developed a frightening new weapon. Shego loves a good fight whenever he can find one. Is generally a fun loving sort, except when facing Overlords – he’s all business then.

Shego Mar

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