Blood Drentch

Orc Dragon Shaman with aspirations of greatness


Str: 22 Dex: 14 Con: 16 Int: 13 Wis: 9 Cha: 14

HP: 105 AC: 24

Fort: +10 Ref: +6 Wil: +4

Spiked Chain: To Hit: +14/+9 Dam: 2d4+10, 1d6 cold damage



“Blood” Drentch

Power! Life is about power. Gaining It. Using It. Hoarding It. Losing It.

I grew up in the gladiatorial arena. I fought for my team as a free man. Our team’s patron was a copper dragon called Zinth. He provided for all our needs: Training, housing, wine, women, slaves.

Through my skill, I became champion of the arena. They called me Blood Drentch because I would drench the sand of the arena with my opponent’s blood.

As with most combatants in the arena, I was a proud member of the Maul. Who else would value the spilled blood and give power to those who spilled it. I wished to rise in the Maul, and did what was necessary.

Unfortunately, I was not able to eliminate Frek. He hid behind his bodygaurds and never accepted my challenges. Frek had me thrown out of the Maul. He should have killed my, but I suppose he was too afraid to do that.

Around this same time, Zinth helped me to see that as champion of the arena, I only had power over one, maybe two, at most three lives. I decided to leave the arena and become leader of my clan.

Zinth also convinced me to join the Talon as they are very powerful. He helped me to gain entrance to the Talon. I have worked very hard to convince them that I truly do respect their beliefs.

I wasn’t sure how to gain leadership of my clan as my cousin Dran was clan-leader and killing him in open battle would not elevate me to leader as he was well loved. The clan would not understand my right tobe leader and would likely cast me out and appoint some other weakling cousin of mine. The thought of assassination never entered my mind at the time.

Fortunately, Dran died. After a hearty celebration of a victory over another clan, he went walking late at night. We found his body. We could not recognize his face as it was badly burned as if by acid, but his signet ring was found. Dunth was to be named leader, but I challenged him as is my right. He is weak and I easily overcame him.

For a number of years, being leader of a poweful clan was wonderful. Zinth started to visit me. I started to see that my clan was small. To have true power, I would need to become leader of my tribe.

If becoming leader of my clan was difficult, becoming leader of my tribe seemed impossible, even though I was the leader of a great clan. The ruler of the tribe had many champions and many sons. I could not remove all those who would deny me my destiny. I have left my clan in the hands of my brother Fatch. I do not expect my clan to survive his leadership. I go to seek a way to fulfill my destiny.

Blood Drentch

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