Session 79: Goodbye Suma . . .

Baeshra Budget report

So we were regrouping after battle the with all the trolls, now while we were still facing a giant crab but it nothing to hurt us and helped us dispatch our enemies so I didn’t see it as a threat. It remained motionless as I dragged drentch and Kallon out of the anti-magic field so they could be healed up but unfortunately Ash (our ninja) was nowhere to be found. As soon as we were healed the crab sprung to life and started to attack us. It quickly grabbed Suma (our druid) and trapped him in one of his claws I think he turned into a rhino to escape but it appeared he died in his escape attempt. The crab kept pushing us back until he broke through the wall.

After we all got into the open area in front of Bill Gore’s we managed to finish off the crustacean before we continued our search from the missing Ash and Bill. Apparently as the creature crashed to the ground Percy saw a hatch on his underside swing open. I Groundhogged underneath it to investigate the hatch. In there I found nothing but Ash’s Pimp cane so my compatriots and I decided to look further within the Gore manor. When we got back in we finished off the Iron construct and proceeded deeper within the area.

There was a trap on the door but we managed to get by it eventually. We found a number of rooms including a wine cellar. Percy and I liberated a few bottles before our warlock insisted on smashing the room to bits. We found some food in the kitchen and I found a real nice couch in one of the other rooms before making our way back out again. We paused there as our cleric was preparing a raise spell to bring back our druid.

The XP Report

the date, as y’all are resting a day, is now VII 417/4/27

siege crab CR 14 4200 XP
iron golem CR 13 2800 XP
total * 7000 XP

officially, the crab should be divvied up among five, but i’m just going to do a four-part division, giving y’all 1750 XP each.

Session 78: A Visit to Casa Billgore

After visiting Mr. Saul Casant, we stopped in at Talon HQ. Kalon seemed about as popular as the proverbial lead balloon (those guys always seem like they are wrapped too tight for The Peace; note to self: try selling stuph to the Talon). Kalon had a note about some sort of caper in Sunith’s Alley – it sounded pretty crazy – maybe something for Da Long to investigate.

Our primary order of business was the plethora of bones to be picked with Mr. Billgore. After nosing around the pits, we found a little dude cleaning up the former offce of Mr. B. Our nemesis apparently lost his Pits priveliges and now mostly hangs out at some pimped up crib. Directions took us to a very long staircase. This staircase was distinguished by assorted cleaning tools and frilly underthings. As interesting as this was, we eventually decided to try a different door (which took us to a different staircase). Not as many mops this time, but we soon found our way to Casa Billgore. A couple of mountain trolls guarded the door. Percy set up a wall of rotating knives – the trolls took some damage from this, but needed a bit more work to be dropped.

After being welcomed by Billgore into his humble abode, we found ourselves in a big room with a few different sorts of trolls. The room had some sort of anti-magical effect (this is discrimination against spellcatsers!) . Fortunately, this effect did not extend to the corridor. I stayed in the corridor and managed to summon a greater fire elemental and also made use of the flame strike. Ash and Kalon disappeared early in the combat – I think they might have tried teleporting somewhere. I couldn’t see what happened to Drentch. Nuhr and I were taking quite a bit of damage. Fortunately Percy (who was quite large during the combat) gave us a bit of fast healing (no, not what you’re thinking). I must remember to prepare more healing and defensive magic.

Now, there’s this big crab-thing dishing out some serious ass-kicking on the trolls. I ‘m not going to argue with that line of reasoning.

I think Billgore might have disappeared – maybe he’s also into the teleportation/invisibility scene.

The XP report

critter cr xp (lvl 14)
ogre 3 diddly over squat
3 mountain trolls 3 @ 10 3 × 1050 = 3150
4 war trolls 4@ 12 4 × 2100 = 8400
antimagic field roughly 15 6300

because i’m a nice Evile DM™, i’m only going to split the XP six ways: the siege crab won’t get a share.

the total is 17850, which is 2975XP per PC. no uplevellage this time, looks like.

meanwhile, as far as in-game dates go, if we assume that this session happened the day after this session, it would’ve been VII 417/4/26. the next session happened on the same date. and then you had a day of downtime (i think i said), which means that this session (and, perhaps, the next one?) took place on VII 417/4/27

Session 77: Saul Casant

After being quite hurt by the initial attack of the large furry creatures, we had a little bit of time to recollect and heal ourselves thanks to the storm Percy created. As soon as the storm was released, however, we were again attacked by a red nosed furry thing and some archers.

With them defeated, and more of our resources depleted, we managed to make our way to the Tor, but could not find a door so that we could explore. We did not know what to do any more, but then we found a door on the floor. We then went into the core of the Tor and found a group of people who did not want us there any more.

With these people defeated, we finally met Saul Casant. He was generally quite cheery, but was quite reluctant to give us any information. This is not too surprising since it would be bad for his business. We did ask him to relay a message to the individuals that sold him a portal case that we would be interested in doing business with them and that they could contact us at the Tasty Dagron.

With that, we returned to the Peace to find that Bartle wants to get a few scoops from us and that something has happened to Drentch’s Dragon Zinth. Drentch is now a scale of Satibah. Interesting – I think we need to go see him to see what has transpired.

Session 76: Sewage and Snow

I was starting to think that my assignment to keep an eye on the Drummer Druid, Suma on behalf of the Amalgamated Siblinghood was going to be dull. Well, that just changed. The New Invincibles, decided on a course of action – to follow up on a lead on recent thefts from the Tunnelers. The subject of the lead, an inexplicably obese elf with an odd fondness for red velvet. The trail began in the sanitation shard the drains Shulath’s Neck. Not a pleasant experience, but hey, its a dirty job and someone has to do it. While down there we were jumped by a big pile of animated sewer sludge, as well as an even bigger pile of animated sewer sludge. Fun. Many slimy tentacles lashed us, but we prevailed without too much trouble.

We then emerged from the sewers into a very cold place near to the fashion-challenged elf’s abode. I took a few moments to improve the weather before we set out after our quarry. Very quickly, though, we were jumped by… by… well, I don’t know what the heck those things were, but they looked like gigantic mutant mountain sheep. There were eight of them and we all very nearly got greased, the whole lot of us. After a frightful struggle. though, most of us took to the air, got out of reach of the beasties and pummeled them from the air. Yikes. If these things are Saul’s first line of defense, it should be a total riot seeing what else he’s got hanging around.

The XP report

name cr xp lvl 13 xp lvl 14
dogai 11 1950 1400
big spawn 14 5850 4200
small spawn 10 1300 1050
trap 7 488 350
tlalusks 8×11 8×1950=15600 8×1400=11200

totals 25188 (lvl 13) 18200 (lvl 14) per PC 4198 (lvl 13) 3034 (lvl 14)

Session 75: An Apology, a Date and Trying to Snoop Around

VII 417/4/25

Well, looks like we’re getting our time in the Peace. I decided to clear up a couple of nagging things while Kalon and crew went on a date with Nianna. I went and put an order in a Whitby’s to order a ring I’ve had my eye on (boy, if I have to go back there because of this ring, they’ll be telling stories of what I do to him for decades). Another stop at Orthox’s and I hurried over to headquarters to borrow a quiet room. Boy, I could kiss him, he did it! With his help I’ve begun to realize the potential in this cloak. My eyesight has adjusted incredibly and I can even climb walls with it. I can’t wait to learn more.

I met everyone back at the Tasty Dagron, to see what happened with Kalon’s metting. The stories were rather convoluted, but I believe Nianna had romantic intentions for this liaison, while Kalon’s were more business oriented. Seems he couldn’t adjust on the fly, and left her feeling rather put out. Poor Kalon, if he could learn to relax for half a second, he might accidentally enjoy himself. And it seems, true to form, the Family spotted our two new junior members, and attempted to poison them. Quite the initiation for them.

Daalong showed up while we were there, with a report on the comings and goings at kobold’s shop. Drentch had returned from apologizing and now, for some reason, has taken an irrational liking to this guy. Heck, even Kalon believes we need to keep an eye on him, and he was told to drop the matter outright from his phyle. The mere mention of poking around in the kobold’s shop made Drentch angry. I decided to remove myself, and discuss the shop in further detail with Daalong where half-orcs aren’t so populous. I was very surprised that no one followed us, even though we kept a sharp lookout. I didn’t even need to change, so I guess Kalon got Drentch calmed down enough to not pursue. We retreated to a room close by that Daalong knew of (I get the feeling he know many such rooms) to plan an entry into the shop. There are two guard tubes set so sentries are watching the door specifically, and Daalong tells me of flour bag traps that will unmask the invisible. Perhaps this plan can wait until all our members are fully on board. Until then, having Daalong’s eyes to continue to be on the shop isn’t a bad idea. Now to meet back up with everyone…....

Session 74: Baeshra Budget report

So I made my way into the Tasty dragon and came upon a group of people, the group itself didn’t look to unusual except for the orc, which I made the leap of logic that this was Blood Drentch the rightful recipient of the letter I was carrying. I Didn’t make the introduction right away as some human was chatting up the Halfling and it seemed serious. Eventually I got tired of all the talking and made the drop off.

He read the letter but didn’t seem to enthusiastic and after he read the letter and he said that I would make a good addition to their team. Given who gave me this letter in the first place I decided to go along with it.

After investigating what I initially thought was a fire we made our way through they’re base and met up with this elf Illiana who seemed intrigued and shocked by me (but really how is that different from anyone else) She was really interested in knowing more about me and collected a blood same to see of she could learn anything more about my heritage or lineage, perhaps I should have thought more before offering my blood to a complete stranger but you know If she can find any info It’ll be worth it, She Spoke of recent robberies of portable holes and bags of holding as well as this new thing they were developing called a portal case, which is something that can transport a portal itself. There was a point of conjecture on which phyle was responsible. After the discussion we decided to investigate,

After that we made our way to the Wallaby and Onyx where we had some drinks as they were there to meet with someone. We all had drinks and after they heard what I was having most people changed their order to dark ale as well. Halfway through my sub-par soup I heard that someone darted across the room behind me. The warlock Kallon disappeared and investigated, Some moments later the same guy darted out the front door, I managed to track him all over the place until the over-zealous let loose a gust of wind to clear the crowd and at the same time blew away the scent. By that time however I the rest of the party and enough information had enough information to discern where the guy was

We met the guy in his hotel room and eventually got to talking with him. I found out his name was Dowlong Kal the Warlocks brother and a barrage of Q&A ensued. Again a lot of talking happened but the main point I got was that he had this guy Eck was following the group for a long time and Dalong was selling contact info of the party without their knowledge. They eventually reached a détente and they agreed that Dalong could keep running his business If they told the group who he was talking to/giving info to.

After we were done there we made our way through a bazzar (where I picked up some cigars) and went to investigate one of the “hit” warehouses. After a direct and indirect attempt to get in we retreated to a local bar, the Dizzy thug, We found out there the name of one of the guards and we met up with him at this alter he frequented. Eventually we got him to talk and he spoke of 6 cloaked individuals one of whom was really large, The guard managed to sniper shot the guy before he was knocked out himself. When he came to again the big guy was still there and dead. The only distinguishing mark was a whip tattoo wrapped around his arm. The investigation was short lived and the body was tossed into the shit shard. The Guard was disappointed with the lack of interest in this matter and encouraged us gaining new information, After a fruitless stealth siege on the warehouse we returned to the Dizzy thug and gained some more info…

The XP report

the activities in this session were free-form enough (even including the skill challenege – there are definite rules about XP awards for those in 4ed, but they depend on certain assumptions that don’t cross over to 3.5) that i’m just going to call this 1800 xp for all involved.

Session 73: Farewell


Trouble seems to follow us around. After hearing about a fire at Bob’s Apothecary, we went to investigate. There was a fair bit of smoke. A talking picture frame started telling us to go through a portal to meet our destiny. Wow, that must have been some good stuph – everybody else said they also saw the talking picture frame – but they also said that they hadn’t seen it there before. Anyway, there were some fat-assed critters blocking the doors to the apothecary. These critters didn’t attack us, but if I were to give them some advice, it would be ‘just say no to crack’ – yikes – that almost counts as a gaze attack.

Going through the aforementioned portal took us to (surprise, surprise) Gorgor’z Pitz. It seems that someone (e.g. with the initials Billgore) had a bone to pick with us – I can’t image why – we are decent adventurers simply wanting to earn a decent day’s XP. What is it with people always trying to harsh things up for us?

Our opponent in the pitz was named ‘Ricky’. Yeah, that’s right – rhymes with ‘jicky’. (I sure could use a lime rickey right now). The Rickster was all whoosh-whoosh and chop-chop with assorted sharp objects. He even set up a wall of rotating knives around Kalon and Ash. I buffed up (no, not that way) some of the other party members. After summoning a Xorn, I started to notice that Camus, Drentch and Shego were starting to go kind of apeshit. This is nothing new for Drentch; maybe the others got into my stash (were they mixing stuph with other substances? – I’ve heard that can be dangerous). Ricky and his blobbo buddies eventually dropped. No more knifey-spooney for them! This left Camus, Drentch and Shego duking it out with eachother and the Xorn. I had to call in an elephant to prevent them from coming after the rest of the party. It’s good that Kalon was able to grapple Drentch for part of the time with the tenticles. The Xorn dished out some sweet damage – here’s hoping they don’t have a union.

While we did defeat the Rickenator, we lost 2 of our own – Camus and Shego. Poor Camus – he was a good dog (his cohorts didn’t last very long – sort of like drummers for Spynal Tapp). Shego – may you rest in peace – I’ll think of you any time I see some dust on my blade. Dust to dust, indeed. We made sure they had decent memorials – the bastion will do something for Camus (we made sure that had his ribbon). Shego’s final trip was over the falls. I’m hoping to make some stone monuments to our fallen comrades – it will look nice in our fortress.

The funny thing about losing members of the party is that there is always a decent, honourable chap willing to step up and take the place of a fallen adventurer . It always works out that way. I’ve heard other adventurers talk about it – “somebody dies – somebody new shows up”. Yup, the circle of life has its ups and downs, but everything evens out in the end – it’s like we are all part of some great interconnected consciousness. Man, I need some stuph.

The XP report

critter CR XP(level 12) XP (level 13)
ragewalker 15 10800 7800
living cone of cold 9 1200 975
living cloudkill 7 600 488
PC-on-PC violence 13 5400 3900

the level 13 totals are 13163XP, which among six comes to 2194 XP each. (at level 12, Camus got 3000 XP as he tapped out.)

Session 72: Elementary, My Dear, Kishra's a Dragon!

Well, the elementals have been taken care of. It was not the easiest task, but we nevertheless succeeded. I must figure out how these beasts can always see through my illusions.

After the trial, we made our way back to the Peace and finally made our meeting with Satibah. It turns out that Kishra is a nasty red dragon that had ideologies that could potentially destroy the Talon. DK and Neil are potential associates of Kishra. I wonder if Nirgali is also associating with her at this time. I guess time will tell.

We are returning to the tavern to check on messages. DK, Nirgali and Kishra in the mind . . .

The XP report

the omnimental was CR 15. for twelfth level characters, that’s 10800/6 = 1800 XP, for thirteenth level characters, that’s 7800/6 = 1300 XP. share and enjoy.

Session 71: We seem to have a talent for honking people off.

Whoo! gotta catch my breath – We’ve just gotta few heartbeats before we’re going to have to fight again. How the heck did we get to this? Let’s see – I was performing wy basic forms during the day’s training in the courtyard when all of a sudden 4 rather antisocial types suddenly popped into existence and started going for Suma. Weird. He got pounded a few times before the rest of us managed to react and join the fray – I swear that the poor guy was starting to dissolve for a minute there. He managed to pull himself together, though, and we all managed to finish ‘em off. Strange beasties – they looked like an amalgam of the elementals that Suma is so fond of summoning, but in a humanoid form. They weren’t too tough, though and we soon dispatched them. Just as we were bothering to ask ourselves, “What the fook?” We heard what sounded like something pounding on the tower. Something big. Damn big. We headed over to check it out and saw something that looked like a 50 foot tall big brother of the first four, only less humanoid – more bloboid, really. It was shouting a bunch of stuff that I couldn’t make out, except for the name of Suma! over and over again. Yeesh. I wonder what our Drummer pal has done to piss these heavies off, anyway. Suma and Camus tried to explain, but I didn’t pay attention – after all, there was a fight looming! I positioned myself between Suma and the baddie and stood at the ready. Bugger! this thing could fly and fly well. So much for trying to shield the druid. I hammered it when it was close to the ground when I could and peppered it with acid arrows when I couldn’t. Not my most ‘knockout punch’ spell, but it became quickly obvious that this dude was unaffected by fire or electricity – my normal two favourites. We sniped and pounded at it as best as we could and finally brought it down, with the party only somewhat the worse for wear. Now its remains seem to be coalescing into slightly smaller nasties comprised of each of its four constituent elements. Ah, well, a real fight is better exercise than the weapon katas anyway! I must remember to ask Suma what the heck is going on after all this is done.

The XP report

well, the unravellers are each CR 9, and there were four of them. at level 12, that’s 4 × 1200 = 4800 / 6 = 800 XP. at level 13, that’s 4 × 975 = 3900 / 6 = 650 XP. no XP yet for the omnimental – you’ve not yet defeated it.

Session 70: The Frost and the Butler

Being the “sit and wait” types that we are, once the wounds were all bandaged we immediately set out. The bridge was covered in ice. As the others were discussing rope each other together, I thought I’d start out and see how far I could get. It was quite a challenge to try to stay on the bridge. Camus teleported to a spot and immediately slipped off and found out how far it was to the floor. The ice golems that greeted him were probably very happy to have something to do. The rest of the boys made it down the 80 ft or so and engaged the golems, while I tried to finish crossing the bridge. I must have been watching them too intently, because I soon joined Camus. A little help from the wall on the way down helped some of the impact, but it still hurt. We carried on to the end of the bridge from down below. Climbing back up and continuing, we found an ice pantry with a bizarre trap. Ice water kept shooting out of the ceiling, trying to freeze us to the spot. Keeping our distance, Kalon blasted most of the nozzles away. We removed a big chunk of ice to find a portal. Amazingly enough, we found ourselves in the cold room of a kitchen. After some snooping (and some soup, we were discovered by Jeeves the butler. He escorted us to a large chamber to wait. Turns out we were waiting for Anilhan, a rather large Copper Dragon. No one would quite tell us where we were, or who exactly DK might be (although she did own the place we were in). Anilhan was rather skeptical of our story, but showed us to a portal back to the Peace. Going through had us end up in a stronghold of the Sign of Swine. I find this interesting and am going to try and find out who this DK is and what could be going on, but first I really need to sleep.

The XP report

critter CR lvl 11 lvl 12 lvl 13
ice golem (2) 2 @ 9 2 × 1650 = 3300 2 × 1200 = 2400 2 × 975 = 1950
glacial jet trap 14 9900 7200 5850
assorted butlers and cooks; and THE copper dragon 11ish 3300 2400 1950
level total XP divided among six PCs, you receive
11 16500 2750
12 12000 2000
13 9750 1625

camus, welcome (back) to level 12. shego, welcome to level 13.

note that there’s also cash waiting for you in the tasty dagron, in the amount of 11000 gp each. again, in order to use this money, you must post something here explaning where it came from and why it’s yours. also, as usual, if you have shopping to do, please discuss with the DM (ideally by posting something here) before the next session, and sooner would be better than later.

also, i realize in retrospect that i could’ve been a little more generous with information in the encounter with Anilhan. i’m prepared to entertain retroactive Sense Motive and Spot checks – post your results here in the next day or two, and then watch your e-mail.


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