Religions among the Shards

For many of the dwellers among the Shards, religion is a relatively minor concern. While most people recognize the existence of various Powers, and incorporate some sort of religious practice into their daily activities, excessive piety is usually viewed as being slightly odd. The clergy are, of course, to some extent exempt from this attitude—largely because they are seen as providing other useful services to people.

As is the case in many societies, religion is centred largely around practice. The deities have established various ceremonies and rituals that are to be performed at certain times. Additionally, a number of religions exist that worship no deity whatsoever, but devote themselves to a variety of ethical principles and esoteric practices. Questions of belief, ideology, attitude, and even (to some extent) morals are largely left to the phyle and to individual conscience.

The existence of Powers (sometimes called Deities) is obvious to most—after all many divine casters gain powers from worship of divine beings. However, physical evidence of the powers is harder to come by. It is assumed that they must inhabit their own Shards somewhere, but no reliable and verifiable report of these Divine Shards has ever come to light, and random passages between Shards never seem to lead to one.

As one would expect in such a diverse place as the Polychotomy, the sheer number of religions is vast, and not even the Clock Tenders have catalogued all of the worship practices that people engage in. Small cults devoted to obscure minor deities or practices are always popping up and disappearing. Nonetheless, the following list includes many of the most important.


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