Prestige Classes

Prestige Classes

Many Prestige Classes have membership restricted by phyle. Pure and Tainted phyles have general access to a few classes, and most phyles (Pure, Tainted, and otherwise) have at least one or two specific Prestige Classes. Characters who are not members in good standing (or distinguished members) of the appropriate phyles are not eligible for the classes in question. If a character changes phyle, or becomes a member in poor standing, s/he cannot advance further in the prestige class in question.

Prestige Classes of the Pure and Tainted phyles

Other phyle-related Prestige Classes

  • Phylactor—a class for leaders of the Phyles

Player-Created Prestige Classes

Prestige Classes from Other Sources

Many of the Prestige Classes published in other sources occur in the Polychotomy. As a general rule, Prestige Classes will have specific phyle membership prerequisities, as these classes represent specialized training that is passed along in-phyle. These and other modifications are noted below. Alignment restrictions on prestige classes are, of course, nonexistant in this campaign setting.

Prestige Classes from the Dungeon Master’s Guide

For Prestige Classes from other books, see the pages on the specific books.

Prestige Classes

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