The Overlords

Although Outsiders rarely venture far from their home shards, they are nonetheless powerful beings. And so, from time to time, powerful Tainted Outsiders have risen to positions of domination over other, weaker beings, erecting vast heirarchies of torment. The greatest of these was indubitably that of Kiszlaagara, called the Overlord, a pit fiend of horrible power and malice. The Overlord ruled many hundreds of shards for over a thousand years, until finally it was slain. Its kingdom soon splintered into many tiny, isolated realms. However, Kiszlaagara’s line was passed on in lesser beings – half-fiends and tieflings. The line has never been broken, and in the last three hundred years, the Overlord’s heirs have declared themselves openly, demanding fealty and rewarding obedience with power, disobedience with death. These newer Overlords are extremely well-organized and extremely well-armed.

  • phyle badge: The Overlord and his servants brand their clothing (and sometimes themselves) with the image of a wickedly barbed whip.
  • governance:
  • current leadership: Dirigasda (also sometimes called Dursaga)
  • member obligations:
  • member privileges:
  • typical members: Aristocrats, half-fiends, baatezu, some dwarves, goblins,
  • allies:
  • enemies: The Regium is the prime enemy of the Overlords, but any group which objects to their domination is seen as problematic – this includes (but is not limited to) all pure phyles.
  • economy: The Overlords enjoy a command economy in the Shards that they control. Exports from their shards include some agricultural products (especially cured meats), worked metal goods, and
  • don’t mess with us because:
  • common religions:
  • restrictions, attitudes towards purity and taint:
  • favoured classes:
  • prestige classes:
  • cleric domains:
    • at least one of:
    • none of:
  • feats: Persuasive, Power Attack, Tainted Soul
  • skills: Bluff, Intimidate, Knowledge (Religion), Spellcraft

notable Overlords

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