History of the Polychotomy

Some of the more whimsical Clock Tenders say that history is divided into two phases – before the Polyclasm, and after the Polyclasm. But no-one remembers what happened before the Polyclasm, or indeed what caused it. Some accounts do exist, but they generally contradict each other.

What happened after the Polyclasm

The Clock Tenders date events from the end of the latest malfunction of the Clock. To date, there have been seven malfunctions. So excepting for events that pre-date the First Malfunction, dates are given by a Malfunction followed by a year.

year event
1 Zeroth Conclave, Creation of the Clock
23 Kiszuna’s Peace founded
156 The Hôspital is built
219 The Green Way formally comes into being
573 First alliances in what eventually becomes the Sign of Swine

The First Malfunction happened after the Clock had been running for 915 years.

year event
I 20 Kiszuna’s Peace lost
I 22 First Inter-Phyle War begins

The Second Malfunction happened in I 27.

year event
II 10 First Inter-Phyle War ends
II 20 First Conclave
II 230 Kiszlaagara declares itself Overlord
II 233 Second Inter-Phyle War begins
II 831 Sisters of Mercy founded

The Third Malfunction happened in II 1162. During the Third Malfunction, the Second Inter-Phyle War ended.

year event
III 410 The Overlord Kiszlaagara is slain
III 612 The Drummers formally schism from the Tunnelers
III 712 Mutual Defence Co-operative founded
III 811 Ishadmi the Mad founds the Other Side

The Fourth Malfunction happened in III 811.

year event
IV 84 Founding of the All-Seeing Eye
IV 117 Founding of the Regium
IV 119 Third Inter-Phyle War begins
IV 124 First publishing of the Chronicle
IV 192 Kiszuna’s Peace refound
IV 193 Third Inter-Phyle War ends

The Fifth Malfunction happened in IV 220. During the Fifth Malfunction, the Second Conclave happened.

year event
V 150 The Siege of Dragons begins
V 167 Third Conclave

The Sixth Malfunction happened in V 220. During the Sixth Malfunction the Seige of Dragons ended.

year event
VI 163 First Warforged encountered
VI 192 Gnome Insurgency begins
VI 203 Gnome Insurgency ends
VI 215 The ministry of Rhytis the Old begins

The Seventh Malfunction happened in VI 232

year event
VII 2 Rhytis the Old disappears
VII 112 The Overlords reappear
VII 112 Gnoll Tyrrany
VII 115 Fourth Inter-Phyle war begins
VII 194 Discovery of the Infinite Staircase
VII 206 Fourth Inter-Phyle war ends
VII 213 Formalizing of the One World Party
VII 264(approx) First records of the Shadowy Men
VII 382 Formal campaign of the Regium against the One World Party begins
VII 417 Present day


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