Tag: dead


  • Anathasius

    A Clock Tender of ancient days (his name is Αναθάσιος in the Old Gnomic Script) and sorcerer of great puissance, creator of the phyle badges. Reputed to be a descendant of Clockmaker Tenthratis. He adventured with the elvish thief Eksator, Nanga of the …

  • Brethanuae

    Like her father, she decided to join the tunnelers. She is the lost love of Kalon Kaal. She was imprisoned by Nathuul Kaal because her father, a tunneler, had betrayed him. Kalon and Brethanuae met in Nathuul Kaal’s dungeon. Brethanuae’s father was …

  • Eksator

    An elf who hung out with Anathasius and company. Liked books and traps. Sometimes known as Iskt.

  • Girsaga

    An agent of the Overlords. He was responsible for the death of Kalon Kaal’s wife Brethanue. He was killed by an overlord dogai after the New Invincibles had a meeting with the Gang of Four. Blood Drentch was framed for his death.

  • Ibrahme

    An Ogre Mage that was beheaded by Vincent. Ibrahme was attempting to get to Ash at Gita Hills while Gwenyth was in negotiations. This backhanded effort left Gwenyth without any payment for the stuph shipment she was suppose to get from Vincent. It also …