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  • History

    h1. History of the Polychotomy Some of the more whimsical [[Clock Tenders]] say that history is divided into two phases - before the [[Polyclasm]], and after the Polyclasm. But no-one remembers what happened before the Polyclasm, or indeed what caused …

  • Anathasius

    A Clock Tender of ancient days (his name is Αναθάσιος in the Old Gnomic Script) and sorcerer of great puissance, creator of the phyle badges. Reputed to be a descendant of Clockmaker Tenthratis. He adventured with the elvish thief Eksator, Nanga of the …

  • Eksator

    An elf who hung out with Anathasius and company. Liked books and traps. Sometimes known as Iskt.