Session 31: Field Report

After speaking again with the doorknob (seems to be the front line security, no doubt it can summon aid) we entered the upper apartments to discover our natural senses being played with again. A “hyper” cubed room with 6 “doors” (circular opening passageway) open into near identical rooms with one extra door invovled. this room changes orientation depending on how it’s accessed. It also changes the room being accessed. Another most interesting feature is if the circular doors are opened twice, the gravity in the room will reverse, and a painful drop to the ceiling/floor will result. We’ve found a library, and what seems to be her office and waiting area (mapping details to follow). Others have left a note for her, but are curiously worried that we’ll be in some form of trouble for snooping around. I think leaving a note expressly shows we’ve been snooping, but whatever. Currently our scout is attached to the mimic egg(as it turns out) I was sent to retrieve, which in turn, is attached to a wall. Damn mimic eggs. At least I’ve dealt with one in the Peace before. I’m certainly glad this one comes with no Silver Dragons. Just maybe a giantess. I hope someone has some rum(I believe I’ll start carrying some from now on), otherwise we’ll have to burn our scout off the egg with acid, and I’d rather not damage the egg.

the XP Report

encounter CR XP
web golem 7 2700
invisible stalker 7 2700
finding your way around to be determined once you actually overcome the challenge none at the moment

that’s a total of 5400 XP amongst six PCs, for a total of 900 XP each. Kalon, Nevyn, Suma – welcome to seventh level!

Session 30: Progress Report – Corporal Camus

So we were still tryin to get across this “intermittent bridge” Which we eventually did no thanks to the annoying school of piranha that were gnawing on my ass. Callon finally decided to make an appearance and once we all regrouped on the first island Callon told us what happened to him. Apparently “the family” stuck a portal diverter on him and he was taken to this place where he was tortured a little (snicker, snicker). The family it seems didn’t appreciate Ash phyle jumping and therefore went through the warlock to deliver their message. After Callon tried to get some information out of Ash things elevated into a fight. I don’t especially like either of them so I didn’t take sides.

The next day suma summoned some hippogriffs to get us to what we later found out was called “The Spire” We talked a bit with the door piece and he seemed quite accommodating. The portal girl wasn’t there but “door-y” said that we could either take a look into her portals to try and find her or just crash there until she comes back. So were just gonna crash here for a while to see if she comes back on her own, if not we’ll go look for her.

the XP report

encounter CR XP lvl 6
piraña swarm 4 900
medium monstrous crabs 2 × 2 2 × 450 = 900
jellyfish swarm 5 1200
dealing with each other 6 1800
crossing the lake 4 900

that’s a total of 5700 XP (lvl 6) among 6 people for a total of 950 XP each. no new levels this time. sorry.

and in case anyone’s wondering, there’s a house rule from way waayyy back on xp rewards for PC-on-PC violence. please to be keeping in mind.

Session 29.5: Adventures with a Portal Diverter

Ash – you @$#^ – you better talk.

(Addition: You can forget your blasted bag of holding – unless you want to give me your kidneys :-))

the XP report

humanoid resources department personel – 1350 XP

Session 29: From the Field Journal of Nevyn Ynydd...

It was nice to have some down time in the ‘Peace for a couple of days. I’ve picked up some nifty new equipment what with all the fees from our last job. I should’ve known that it wouldn’t be long before I got the chance to field test it all…. Started by following up on the request of the Talon community in Eshenag’s Mines to reestablish their portal – Undersecretary Owen gave me a list of Keymasters that might be available, including the one who established the Eshenag’s Mines portal in the first place, one Eliane. We decided to give her a try and set off. Travel along the staircase was fairly uneventful; it was only once we got to Bjorvit’s Folly that the fun began. We opened negotiations with some sort of dragonman sorceror – he flipped out and nearly roasted half the party! Fortunately, we managed to take him down quickly and then found his noisy pet and dispatched it as well. I hope that this doesn’t hamper relations with the rest of the Talon, but this guy really gave us no choice. The exit portal to Roksian’s Spire was not marked and we had a bit of a time tracking it down – Drentsch did his bit though, and we passed through. The randomly disappearing walkway plates that we found over the water give me the impression that Eliane really doesn’t like to be disturbed. A swarm of jellyfish slowed the progress of some of the party – I pondered making a swim for it, since I had no real way to deal with the jellies, but decided instead to look around and see if there was anything by the entrance portal that would make travelling across the water any easier… no luck so far. I may just go for that swim yet.

the XP report

encounter CR XP lvl 5 XP lvl 6
redspawn arcaniss 6 2250 1800
redspawn firebelcher 6 2250 1800
jellyfish swarm 5 6 (upgraded due to situational complications) 2250 1800

that’s a total of 6750 XP (lvl 5) or 5400 XP (lvl 6) among 6 5 people for a total of 1350 XP (lvl 5) or 1080 XP (lvl 6) each. assuming that i’ve got my numbers right, Camus and Drentch are both 6th level.

Session 28: The Diary of Drentch


It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write in my diary. Being stuck in the dungeon was very annoying. At times I felt almost powerless. I met with a group of adventurers who seem very capable. One of the Talon’s negotiators is with this group. I think he could talk a spearsmans into trading his spear for a long strip of grass. I could use him.

After finding our way through this dungeon, we returned to lead the wayward dragon back to his mother. We agreed to divide into two group. Us adventurers would continue mapping the dungeon and clean it of vermin. The other group would return the dragon.

There was a challenging fight with a chain devil. In the excitement of the previous events, I neglected to get healing and I entered the fight quite wounded. I think I got lucky when a spell cast at me failed. We overcame the chain bearing evil and then encountered many rats. I hate rats!

The biggest scare came as we were leaving the mines. A captain of the Bastion of Rightousness confronted us. This would be bad. The fact that he was a powerfull Archon made things worse. Our diplomat took a firm stance with the captain and we led him back to the mother dragon. She put up with far more from this Archon then I felt was seemly. Apparently they came to some “agreement”. I hope the agreement came with a demonstration of might.

We’ve been told to return to the Peace. Our reward will be there. We’ve also been asked to find someone who can repair/re-create the portal to the new mines. I hope we can accomplish this quickly.

I believe I will stay with this party as I need to gain the trust of the diplomat and assess the capabilities of the others. I believe they all can help me with my destiny.

the XP report

encounter CR XP lvl 5 XP lvl 6
chain devil 6 2250 1800
rat swarm × 2 2 500× 2 = 1000 450× 2 = 900
bone rat swarm 3 750 600
corpse rat swarm 4 1000 900
justice archon 6 2250 1800
story award for completing stuff ad hoc 550 450

that’s a total of 7800 XP (lvl 5) or 6450 XP (lvl 6) among 6 people for a total of 1300 XP (lvl 5) or 1075 XP (lvl 6) each. assuming that i’ve got my numbers right, ash should now be levelling up, and camus should be less than 1000 XP away.

Session 27: Ash's Journal

Diary entry 157

We finally make it out of those infernal caves, only to go right back in again. But it seems the leaders of this mining community are starting to trust us. They resupplied us at no cost and even came though with some of the more exotic requests. While others were attending to some mental affliction or another, I managed to track down someone to answer my queries about the double crossbows. I am quite happy to say that I’ll soon be securing 10 of each type to bring back to the Peace. This should bring a tidy sum, hopefully more than gold.

Ahh yes back in the caves. We encountered the magma monster again, as it put up a very slow pursuit of us, and the blessed swarms are around. As I turn a corner, I see a strange person floating in the air. As we jockey for position and try to determine how best to handle the situation, I suddenly find myself with this creature paralysing and gnawing on me, although I find no marks. Rather curious. We make our way back to the runaway child and his group, where he was FINALLY convinced by spell to return with us. I wish we had this spell in the first place. It was provided by a small kobold contingent that was sent with us. I think the kobold leader was among them, and not very pleased about it.

We now start the journey back. I’m glad I got the deal done for the crossbows, I just don’t feel up to it right now.

the XP report

encounter CR XP per lvl 5 XP per lvl 6
diplomatic (negotiation with talonistas on various topics) 3 750 600
kobold ghost 6 2250 1800
lava ooze 6 2250 1800
rat swarm 2 500 450
visilight 5 1500 1200
ekolid 4 1000 900
diplomatic (schismatics) 3 750 600

that’s a total of 9000 XP (lvl 5) or 7350 XP (lvl 6) among 6 people for a total of 1500 XP (lvl 5) or 1225 XP (lvl 6) each.

Session 26: Alas, we have exited the mines!

We have finally exited those horrible mines! The oozes, ghosts, and other fiends are currently all behind us now. I still feel as though bugs are crawling all over me. This has not been a comfortable experience.

I am curious as to what the Bastian of Righteousness is doing in those mines. I am also a little suspicious of their presumptions. Camus seems unaware of things, and I think he is truthful with that. While having him around has been useful . . . it is not without a price. It should be interesting as to how this plays out in the end.

We ran into the gladiator of Zinth today – Drentch. I find it interesting that fate should bring him into our company because his coming into the Talon, as mine, is not without its mysteries and controversies. I think he will be a great addition to our company. I hope he decides to continue with our company now that we are out of the mines, and if he does, I also hope that he survives longer than our recent additions.

I have finally had the pleasure of meeting Danjed today. I informed her of the current situation. She initially did not believe that her son would be considering leaving the Talon. I hope this situation resolves itself quickly and peacefully.

I, as is Danjed, am concerned that opening up the old mines may have released the Bastian prisoners into the new mines. I hope that the opening between the two mines goes unnoticed until the mines can be cleared out. Our need to get out of the new mines coupled with the Bastian’s presumptuous use of the mines and the mystery of the world axis has definitely complicated this situation. I hope that we soon get some more information about all of these events so that . . . again . . . all is resolved quickly and peacefully.

the XP report

encounter CR XP per lvl 5 XP per lvl 6
corrupter of fate 5 1500 1200
ochre jelly 5 1500 1200
gelatinous CUBE 3 750 600
poison needle trap 2 500 450
Talon officiaries (diplomatic) 6 2250 1800

that’s a total of 6500 XP (lvl 5) or 5250 XP (lvl 6) among 6 people for a total of 1085 XP (lvl 5) or 875 XP (lvl 6) each. i’m again holding off on an award for the kobold ghost (Jivan), as it’s not clear to me that you’ve fully dealt with him yet.

Session 25: Personal log, field scout Nevyn Ynydd.

What a day. Started out trying to pump the looney Eladrin for more info. That was about as effective as trying to make a living as an assasin in the ‘Peace. Djim finally sent the poor old sod over the edge and he came at us. Fortunately, we managed to drive him off before too much damage was done. we then headed further into the tunnels in search of the ‘back door’ I began to get the heebie-jeebies on detecting a buzzing noise and apparently for good reason. I still don’t know what the hell those wolf-sized ant-things were, but they were fast, tough and laid eggs in us. The party barely made it through. Djim didn’t. Worse yet, one of those things is still out there, though hopefully walled off and unable to reach us. I hope that we find a way out soon – my bag of tricks is running low and I’m desperate for a long soak in a hot bath. Here’s hoping….

the XP report

encounter CR num. XP per lvl 4 XP per lvl 5 total XP level 4 total XP level 5
bralani 6 1 2400 2250 2400 2250
ekolid 4 2 1200 1000 2400 2000

that’s a total of 4800 XP (lvl 4) or 4250 XP (lvl 5) among 6 5 people for a total of 960 XP (lvl 4) or 850 XP (lvl 5) each.

Session 24: Bastion Activity Reprt.

Agent ∞Ω-090: Report 37

So we decided to get some rest after a huge trek through the caves. Since I don’t need sleep I was stuck with guard duty. During the evening I saw this weird Kobold-esque figure down the corridor I got a few of my compatriots to go Investigate. The path leaded to a dead-end with no evidence of whatever it is behind it, in the morning we investigated the secret door we discovered a Kobold skeleton, (could be the previous specter belong to the remains?). As we continued along we discovered this dragon-esque demon, quite the nasty customer. After we killed the damn thing we discovered the Bastion’s seal carved into its forehead similar to the ones we found on those “tongue-dogs” we fought the previous night.

We continued along encountering the occasional rat swarm and this tendrilous magma thing. Some time later we discovered this Barlani with the bastions Crest. Dude was a few nuts short of cluster, He said he was held prisoner so we decided to help him and see him out, if we can find “out”. He claimed the Bastion and the Kobolds were mocking and tormenting him but were the only thing other than monsters that have been here for a long time. Reaching an impasse were gonna look after him throughout the night and decide what to do in the morning.

the XP report

encounter CR num. XP per lvl 4 XP per lvl 5 total XP lvl 4 total XP lvl 5
poison needle trap 2 2 600 500 1200 1000
nabassu 5 1 1600 1500 1600 1500
rat swarm 2 2 600 500 1200 1000
lava ooze 5 1 1600 1500 1600 1500
corpse rat swarm 4 1 1200 1000 1200 1000

that’s a total of 6800 XP (lvl 4) or 6000 XP (lvl 5) among 6 people for a total of 1140 XP (lvl 4) or 1000 XP (lvl 5) each.

Session 23: Djimm's Letter

date: VII 417/3/23

Mother I’ve continued to adventure with the party you told me to associate with. We’ve found ourselves in some mines. There is a young dragon who has come to the excellent conclusion that the Clock Tenders are a better phyle than the Talon. A researcher for the Clock Tenders has led him to this conclusion.

Unsurprisingly, our Talon member (who mysteriously disappeared and then reappeared with a “protector”) has taken exception to this and is butting our noses into somebody else’s problems again. I really do not trust him.

We got to these mines through a portal. The portal has unexpectedly stopped functioning. Apparently, we are near the world axle and there is some strange interaction happening with the warlock. Again, I wonder how much he really knows.

Anyway, in an effort to get out of these mines, we are looking for a lost exit buried in a mine collapse. We were able to dig through some of the rubble (thank goodness our druid was able to soften the rock).

These mines are nasty. First we encountered some Gricks. The did a pretty good job of dividing us up, but we were able to deal with them. I was even able to use some of my training. Then a swarm of undead rats appeared. Those rats were disgusting.

Finally some armoured hounds appeared. They had really long tongues that paralyzed people. I was paralyzed. Once the hound in front of me was dispatched, all I could do was hear horrible noises behind me as the group tried to finish off the final hound. Out of the corner of my eye, I could also see the inert form of the “protector”. I heard numerous strange animal noises and latter found that the druid was summing allies to try to win the day. By the sound of things, only the druid and warlock were left standing and the warlock didn’t seem to be doing much (I wonder if he was really trying).

Then I noticed the protector begin to move. He readied his ranged weapon and started firing. It was painful to watch as he had the shakes so bad I couldn’t imagine him hitting anything. Suddenly, I noticed an iron clarity appear in his eyes. He sighted and let loose with a perfectly straight shot. That shot saved us all.

I’m beginning to wonder if you sent me here to stop the warlock. I don’t know what his plans are yet, but many strange things seem to be happening around him. Perhaps he is what is putting the clock in jeopardy.

the XP report

encounter CR num. XP per lvl 4 XP per lvl 5 total XP lvl 4 total XP lvl 5
razor wire trap 1 1 300 300 300 300
gricks 3 3 800 750 2400 2250
bone rat swarm 3 1 800 750 800 750
canoloths 5 2* 1600 1500 3200 3000

that’s a total of 6700 XP (lvl 4) or 6300 XP (lvl 5) among 6 people for a total of 1120 XP (lvl 4) or 1050 XP (lvl 5) each.


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