Session 40: Hello . . .Father . . .

I had my chance to get some answers from my father today. I decided, however, in the name of self-preservation that these answers would have to wait. He called me disloyal . . . hmmmmm . . . there is a saying . . . if you judge it, you stew it. I have often wondered why there was an overlord assasination attempt on Satibah that day along time ago while I was negotiating with him on behave of my father. I ended up saving not only myself that day, but Satibah as well, and Kalon Kaal essentially died. I think my father did not forsee the creation of Kalon Duval that day. Who betrayed whom? It is and interesting question, but not one to ponder on now.

It turns out that my father was trying to create a weapon that could destroy portals. This weapon, however, has gotten away from him. We will need to find my step-brother, and see the full story of this situation.

Some questions have come to my mind because of recent events:

1) What is the Talon’s involvement in this weapon, and why would they trap Zephras? (If we are indeed working with my step brother.) 2) Why are we needing to be “observed” by the shadowy men? What is their interest? 3) What service was our dear Drentch doing for the Overlords?

I am finding that with time, these answers do seems to get told.

Well, after the meeting, we started to head back to the sewers so that we can get back to the Peace. (I have some things to report to the Talon and some questions to ask them.) We, however, did not get too far up the path when the local plant life decided that Pork Tar Tar was on todays menu. We dealt with them, and are now continuing back to the Peace.

the XP report

encounter CR XP (level 7) XP (level 8)
the Gang of Four™ 12 (est) 12600 9600
shambling mound 6 1400 1200
tendriculos 6 1400 1200

that’s a total of 15400 XP (level 7) or 12000 XP (level 8) among six PCs for a final figure of 2570 XP (level 7) or 2000 XP (level 8). Dretch, welcome to the eighth level. if my records are correct, this is the first time since Falom died that all of you are at the same level!

Session 39: Progress Report – Corporal Camus

So we met up with the rest of the party after our rescue of the dragon. They managed to replace their armor from some of the lizard folk corpses. They were traveling with some sort of winged humanoid of the devilish variety. She escorted us to the fortress. The mere view this structure shook me to my core. It was pitch-black with what appeared to be the swirling souls of the damned trapped within it. The whole place was imbued with massive amounts of taint, it was suffocating.

As soon as we made our way into this large room within our escort left through a door some ways up the wall and a troop of these 4 armor-clad fighters were sent in to fight us as (what I was told) was entertainment. They each wielded a cold-iron long sword. The indignity! Such tainted creatures using such holy weapons. The fight itself was difficult, I had a few close calls in the midst of battle but I survived. Once these creatures were finished I relieved my attacker of his sword putting it my more worthy of hands.

After the bodies were collected by some bloated “individuals” we followed our escort and met with 4 individuals. A halfling, some really hot chick, some aged human and some Large clown-esque creature in this meeting room, where we found out Ash was a changeling ALL THIS TIME!

the XP report

critter CR XP (level 7) XP (level 8)
Erinyes 8 3150 2400
Steel Devils(4) 6 4 × 1400 = 5600 4 × 1200 = 4800

that’s a total of 8750 XP (level 7) or 7200 XP (level 8), among six PCs for a total of 1460 XP (level 7) (rounded mildly) or 1200 XP (level 8). enjoy!

thanks to dudular’s assistance, i just realized that i’d forgotten to include this XP in your running totals. as such, some recent reports of your XP from the Evile DM may have been less than they should be. my corrected current numbers are:

Ash 29683
Camus 28910
Drentch 27865
Kalon 31782
Nevyn 31237
Suma 31162

attentive players will note that not only has Camus now hit level 8, but technically Ash was there a session ago. sorry ‘bout that, nightrogue – i owe you something.

Session 38.5: To Save a Dragon

My instincts and concerns were right. A few devils did try to kill the great one while he was wounded. We got there just in time to save him.

The dragon is hungry and is stuck in this shard, I need to find a way for him to get out and to eat. He has asked me to investigate the fortress. There are 4 important overlords meeting there. He has heard that they have created a weapon that can destroy portals. He told me that the individual that destroyed the portals from this shard looked like me – except he was more fair and had longer hair. He also told me that he was wearing the phyle badge of . . . the Talon . . .

We stayed with the great one overnight to make sure nothing else was going to harm him. We then parted ways. He said that he has tapped out most of the food supplies of this shard and that he would look around for some more. Although he prefers live meat, he has agreed, for the time being, that he would get his food from the dead bodies around us.

the XP report

five spinagons, which are CR 4 each, means a total of 700 × 5 = 3500 XP for level 7 folks, and 600 × 5 = 3000 XP for level 8 folks. dividing that by three (there were, after all, three of you in the fight!) we get: level 7: 1170 XP (rounded slightly) level 8: 1000 XP (not rounded at all) enjoy!

Session 38: Drentch's notes

VII 417/3/39 (don’t recall, how to dates rollover in this world?)

Once Zephras retreated, most of us retreated to the copse of trees to recover.

Kalon decided that his duty was to recklessly follow after Zephras and Camus joined Kalon.

After much rest we searched for replacement equipment and found numerous interesting items. We also fought another swarm. I hate swarms. Although, we do seem to be getting better at these things as we were not hurting too much after dispersing the swarm.

As we approached the fortress we encountered a number of overlord representatives. We discussed our reasons for being in this shard, shared information we had about the portals closing and introduced the members of our party. We’ve been ask to enter the fortress.

the XP report

critter CR XP (level 7) XP (level 8)
bloodmote cloud 6 1400 1200
spinagon 4 700 600

that’s a total of 2100 XP at level 7, or 1800 at level 8, which among (only) four PCs is 525 XP (level 7) or 450 XP (level 8). enjoy!

Session 37: The Crazed Dragon

  • woke up, loved the smell of feces in the morning.
  • did whatever prep/healing/restoration was necessary.
  • boldly continued slogging through the sewers.
  • came across a despondent ghost who will never have an issue watching his back.
  • emerged from the sewers into the Fen, right in the midst of a small copse of trees, thoughtfully decorated with a deceased Tunneler agent.
  • scouted the environs, noted the remains of many lizardfolk corpses, all well armed and armoured, littering the area; not to mention a fortess 600’ in the distance.
  • got bushwhacked by a monkey-shit looney black dragon, had our two Talon members unsurprisingly hang back in the fight (one more than the other), and finally knocked the beast down, amazingly enough, with out any party members going on to their final rewards.
  • dragon got back up and flew off, tail between its legs – hopefully to not return, as I don’t know if we’ll do so well in a rematch.
  • Now, on to looting corpses and, spirits help us, to hopefully figure out what the hey is going on in this shard.

the XP report

oh sure, like i take my DMG with its xp/level/CR table to work. (i’m pretty sure it’s not open content, so it’s likely not on the web either.) i’d have to be a HUUUUGE geek if i were to assert that a CR 11 dragon like the one you were up against is worth 8400XP for level 7 characters, and 7200XP for level 8 characters, which, divided by six, means that the 7s are getting 1400xp per character and the 8s are getting 1200xp per character. you can’t expect me to keep numbers like that in my active memory. come on!

numbers confirmed.

Session 36: What the poop?


After getting through the room with the large {shudder} ooze and the tiny goblins {ha ha}, we continued following the stream of effluent to what we hope is the Fen. I do hope we get there soon. Besides the smell {you try standing next to the hound when he’s wet and has shit stuck in his fur}, it seems some of our companions are selectively going mad. After subduing Kalon previously, we now had of face off with Nevyn and Drentch. Once we had Nevyn immobilized {so we thought}, the madness took Drentch. Good Lord I’d hate to face him in the Pits. We are now currently resting on a large platform we made thanks to Suma, and will continue on after we recharge ourselves. This madness hasn’t affected all of us yet, and perhaps is done. I think an expedient egress is in order, but there is something moaning up ahead…..

the XP report

PC-on-PC violence: 2×CR 7 = 2 × 2100 = 4200 XP total, among six characters, for 700 XP each. share and enjoy. three of you are now at level 8.

Session 35: The things I do for the Great Ones!

After our encounter with the spider creatures, we looked around the entrance level to the sewage system to find a few undead goblins. After that, we entered the sewage system (an experience I would love to someday forget). There, we ran into some more undead things – ogres. One of them got me quite nicely, but they were taken care of eventually. Silly move on my part really – must remember to avoid the reach of an ogre.

After wandering around some more, we came across some annoying voices saying that we were all going to die. We entered a large room and then were attacked by a nasty ooze. The thing dissolves armour! Mine has been lost. Errgg it was nice. The beasty ended up grappling me and I could not get out at all. I tried and tried, but it was a hopeless cause. I felt death was going to be a sure thing.

Then a miracle happened! It let me go. Luck, at last, must finally be on my side! I got up onto my feet and then must have fallen over in exhaustion because the next thing I remember was being woken up by Ash and noticed everyone running away from the ooze. I turned invisible and followed.

A few questions of concern have arose in my mind. First, Drentch seems a little angry at me. What is that all about? I am trying to find a way to improve my standing in the eyes of my company. This is a little disconcerning. Second, how did I get that big gash on my arm and chest? It must have been when I had fallen down. I guess it is time to heal and move forward to find the Fen of Sorrow. I sure hope they have baths.

the XP report

encounter CR XP
goblin zombies 1/2 131 × 3 = 393
ogre zombies 3 525 × 2 = 1050
goblins 1/3 88 × 2 = 176
cesspit ooze 9 4200
PC-on-PC violence 7 2100

that’s a total of 7919 xp among six characters is 1320 xp each, which i believe puts a few of you in sneezing distance of level 8.

Session 34: Corpral Camus War Journal Entry: ¶§∞–

So it finally happened my Aura of Menace finally revealed itself … We made it back to the piece where my new axe was waiting for me. We spent a few days because the warlock and “Smart” Ash had these meetings to get to.

First we attended a meeting for the warlock and as it turns out that Kahlon has a twin brother, (Oh dear lord) and if that wasn’t bad enough as soon as we were shown to the back room there were these two guys who looked like the warlock as well (magic) Amongst the incessantly boring conversation I did manage to get some relevant conversation. As it says in the prophecy there is some sort of causal relationship with the portals breaking and the 4th son of Kal (of which the warlock belongs). As the hosts stated they don’t think it Kahlon or the brother that was with him and another of the brothers is dead. They think there is another brother out there whose &$(%’in up all the portals.

I then checked in with Bastion telling them what I learned. The day after Ash had his meeting. I decided to make the scene as a small dog. The hobgoblin doorman only let in Ash and the warlock …actually I’m calling him twitch from now on … so twitch and ash went in and I cooled out out front. Later twitch came back and brought me in … “Of course their gonna need me for back up” I thought, but no …I had to pose as the darling yorkie and had to suffer the indignity of having a bow tied in my hair. If it wasn’t for the fact that I got the chance to nuzzle hot mafia princess boob I would have killed them all.

It turns I was meant as a gift for the girl. I decided to play along to get some information from her that may come in useful later. On my escape some over zealous hobgoblin tried to grab me, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with him so I just archoned up, scared the shit out of him and left.

We then made our way to the “Temple of the Lesser spider” we dropped down through a portal and fought this large spider and his two little incubators. Were stopping here to take a rest and then getting a move on in the morning.

the XP report

encounter CR XP
sitting around and talking 6 1400
talking/drinking/skulking/pretending to be a dog 6 1400
tomb spider 6 1400
tomb spider broodswarm 2 2 × 350 = 700
web mummy 4 2 × 700 = 1400

total of 6300 xp among six characters is 1050 xp each.

Session 33: Excerpt from the field report of scout Nevyn Ynydd

... and then we found what we thought was Eliane’s master portal. Before trying to use it to track her down, we had some unfinished business to clear up. First, we went back to the web-creature in order to retrieve Camus’s absurdly large axe (I wonder if he’s compensating for something?), it beat us around a fair bit, but Drentsch did manage to pull it loose and then we made a run for it. On our way back, we spotted what seemed to be an instruction manual for the portal in the lab. The lab with the frightfully dangerous many-mouthed thing that damned near ate me the last time that we went through. Happily, the Dumber Druid proved useful at something other than finding mind-altering substances for a change and called up a bunch of monkeys to snatch the book and bring it back to us without any of the party having to cross the invisible barrier and become a nice light snack for a Thing that Should Not Be. I then used the book to decipher the controls to the portal. Quite interesting that, it * transcript edited by Tunneler Inteligence Secretariat * ...and Kalon used his knack with things arcane to activate it again, this time granting us access to a frozen wasteland where we found Eliane and some weird, floating, burning ice-thing that again, very nearly handed us all a fatal whuppin’. Fortunately, we finished it off and Eliane returned us to the Spire. Now, hopefully we can get her to repair the portal in Eshenag’s Mines and then we can all go back to Kiszuna’s Peace – I could use a some R&R – Perhaps HQ has Walker Arundal’s latest treatise on Intra-Shard cartography availabe – I’ve been dying to read it!

the XP report

encounter/critter CR XP (level 6) XP (level 7)
axe retrieval 6 1800 1400
book retrieval 5 1200 1050
teleporting cabinet operation 4 900 700
shield guardian 9 5400 4200
rimefire eidolon 9 5400 4200
story award 7 2700 2100

that’s a total of 17400XP (level 6) or 13650XP (level 7) among six PCs for a total of 2900 XP (level 6) or 2275 XP (level 7) each. if my records are correct, this means everyone’s at level 7!

Session 32: The Diary of Drentch


We continued to explore the blasted square rooms. Everytime I thought I had the picture of the rooms in my head, we would do something random and I’d loose the picture. In one of the rooms, we encountered eight clockroaches. They had a powerfull acid blast, but once that was exhausted, it was a good stress release to beat them to bits.

We encountered the web thing again and Camus lost his axe to it. We’ll have to try and recover it as it was a fine and powerfull weapon.

Kalon suggested that we try and find the one unexplored room in a room where the door was in the right place. It is good that we did, because that led us out of these rooms. Eliana (sp?) is certainly a powerfull person to have such a tower.

We found workshops and a bedroom. In the workshop, there was an invisible wall. This wall was apparently protecting us from a dangerous foe. Nevyn demonstrated this by passing the wall and quickly being attacked. We’ve left the foe behind us for now, but I hope we will return to deal with it.

In the bedroom, we were attacked by glass. I would have thought these glass constructs would be trivial to deal with. I never would have imagined glass could take so much punishment. After some close calls, we finally defeated the glass guards.

Now we regroup and move forward.

the XP report

critters CR XP (level 6) XP (level 7)
clockroaches (8) 1 8 × 300 = 2400 8 × 263 = 2104
web golem 7 2700 2100
navigating the tesseract 2 450 350
mostly avoiding the many tentacles coming out of nowhere 3 600 525
stained glass golems (2) 5 2 × 1200 = 2400 2 & times;1050 = 2100

that’s a total of 8550 XP (level 6) or 7179 XP (level 7) amongst six PCs, for a total of 1425 XP (level 6) or 1197 XP (level 7)


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