Session 50: Diary of Drentch

VII 417/3/54


On our way back to the Tasty! Dragon! we encountered some more small spiny things and another spiked-chain wielding, bellicose nodule carrying assassin. This one kept on appearing and disappearing and hiding in a fog of its own making. Doesn’t have the guts to stand and fight, but I was getting annoyed at not having anything to hit.

I had a bit of a start when Ash tried to climb a building and couldn’t. The assassin must have been getting on his nerves as well. At least Suma was able to bring an air elemental to bear and clear out most of the fog.

The assassin left us without doing much harm to us, but killing the Tasty! Dragon!’s bartender. I’m gonna miss him. link

the XP Report

critter CR XP level 9 XP level 10
dogai 11 – only half XP awarded 2700 2250
two spinagons 2 @ 4 2 × 450 = 900 2 × 375 = 750

that’s a total of 3600 at level 9, 3000 at level 10. amongst six of you, that’s 600 XP (level 9) or 500 XP (level 10)

ash, welcome to level 10. isn’t the view nice from here?

Session 49: There's trouble in the Peace...

We were able to get those two goblin dudes back to our base. They were totally wrapped too tight for the Peace. Fortunately, they co-operated with Drentch’s lawyer. I’m sure they will be quite happy in Rupert’s Hollow.

With some time to kill before Drentch’s trial, we headed back to the Junk Market. One thing lead to another, and then we were in combat. It seems those bellicose nodules are becoming more common. Our main opponent was invisible for a while, but I was able to magentify him. After finishing this combat, it looks like we have more coming up… (too bad my earth elemental can’t join us)

ps- Poochie (aka ‘puddles’ ) seems to be getting quite friendly with this new ‘healer’ chick. Inter-species relationships… that’s kinda weird, but as we drummers say, “whatever bakes your cake, dude!”

the XP report

again, the assorted investigations are pegged at CR 9: 2700 XP dogai (assassin devil) – CR 11: 5400 XP two spinagons, each CR 4: 2 × 450 = 900 XP

that totals to 9000 XP, among six that’s 1500 XP each. the cohort gets 7/9ths of that (1167). three of you are levelling up, one is very close.

Session 48: The Great and the Slums

We went and saw both Satibah and Zinth today. It is indeed wonderful to be in the presence of the Great Ones. We explained the unfortunate situation that occurred with Zephras, and they informed us of the charges that were laid on Drentch. It appears someone is trying to frame him for the Girsaga’s death. His body was found in the slums of the Peace.

We also learned how we could damage individuals in the piece. It appears Drentch had a mechanism attached to his spiked chain that allows anyone within a 70 foot radius of the device to be wounded in the Peace. This does not look good for our framed Drentch. How it got into his spiked chain, we do not know.

We explored the magic shop that Drentch had been dealing with to see if they had a part in this scheme. It is the same shop that put a portal diverter on me. I think I will have to have a talk with them. We also explored the slums in the attempt for some kind of a trail, and only found, at this point, an old musician and some goblins who have lost a brother. The trial is soon so we must work quickly.

the XP report

two dragons – an encounter with the possibility of serious danger. likely not lethal, but one never knows. plus some PC-on-PC violence. let’s call it CR 14: 16200 XP assorted investigations, including dangerous weasel piss ale: we’ll call that CR 9, equal to where you guys are at: 2700 XP

that’s a total of 18900 XP among six PCs: 3150 XP each. some of you guys will likely hate me for this, but that puts the totals at: ash: 43187 camus: 42414 drentch: 42109 kalon: 44935 nevyn: 44390 suma: 44315

the date: date: VII 417/3/53 – you took a day off to do assorted stuff, after last session. oh, and speaking of that session, cupriccanine wrote that one up, so perhaps it was rilly someone else’s turn this time?

a couple of points of fact – kalon may be worng about these, but the players needn’t be: anyone within a 70 foot radius of the device 60’, actually

How it got into his spiked chain, we do not know. that, actually, you do know – drentch (inadvertently) attached it himself, when he attached his augment crystal to the chain. how the item (a “bellicose nodule”) came to be attached to the augment crystal is the more relevant question.

Session 47: From the field Journal of Nevyn Ynydd....

Whilst in the Library of Iskt, we discovered that Ash and Camus can read the strange runic inscriptions, but only when holding one of the three orbs that were found within the library. I then found a book rigged to deactivate the lightning trap in the Library’s antechamber, so that we can now come and go at will.

Following this, Ash, using information gleaned from the runic diary, figured out how to use the cards and card table to activate the main portal in and out of the Library complex. With a little experimentation, we discovered that the cards can be made into temporary portal keys and that the portal can take one to multiple destinations, perhaps most anywhere!

Once back in the ‘Peace, we were mobbed by curious onlookers. Upon investigation, it proved that that reporter Ash is acquainted with wrote up a somewhat sensationalist story on our exploits in the Fen of Old Sorrow. His fact checking leaves something to be desired as well – granted that we weren’t availabe to give quotes, but there are others in the ‘Peace who could have given out our proper names. Oh well, it’ll just be a little easier to plausibly deny my involvement this way.

As we neared the Tasty Dragon, our ‘fans’ were scattered by the sudden assault of a big, ugly and bizarrely armoured troll. Stranger still, he was able to deal out damage in the ‘Peace. He didn’t prove to be much of a challenge, though, despite a farewell blow up. This encounter begs some questions: Was the troll working alone, or put up to the attack by someone else and if so, whom? How was he able to overcome the ‘Peace’s restrictions on causing harm? Sadly answers to these questions may have to wait as it seems that Drentsch and to a lesser extent, Kalon are in the bad graces of their Phyle over our defending ourselves against the black dragon in the Fen of Old Sorrow. There is also the matter of the Overlords submitting an extradition request to the Talon over Drentsch. I wonder what he did to tick them off? When we left the Fen, the Overlords seemed to regard us all as having been fairly helpful.

the XP report

figuring out the portal CR 4 450 XP
bladerager troll CR 8 1800 XP

total: 2250 XP which is just 375XP each.

meanwhile, between today’s date (we’ll say it’s still the 51st, but evening) and the date of Drentch’s appearance (the 55th), y’all are in the Peace – feel free to comment here or send me e-mail indicating what you’re doing. (of course, e-mail will take me a little while to answer. stoopid tech.breakdown. grr.)

Session 46: S-M-R-T!

date: VII 417/3/51 Success! We figured out the salute! An odd, one-fingered gesture using only the middle finger. Anyways, we could finally explore the rest of this place. We found the bedrooms of Isk and Badger. We also found our way into the obelisk. A very nasty lightning trap had confounded for a while until Drentch gave an incredible heave and lifted an enormous copper ball out of the ground to help Neven and me disable the entire contraption. Good on Drentch, he took quite a pounding, while Neven and I were ducking around the bolts. I need to figure out how to get this trap enabled again. I don’t want anyone but us having access to the veritable treasure trove of books. Yes, the library, as we suspected. Hundreds of tomes line the winding staircase to the top. I will be spending the next few days in here for sure. Quite curious as the top of the dome seems to allow us to see out, but no one outside can see in. There is an interesting table with three stones, and room for a fourth. These stones obviously represent Badger and company, but where is the fourth stone?

the XP report

critter CR XP
huge air elemental 7 1350
greater earth elemental 9 2700
stone golem 11 5400
call lightning storm trap 10 4050

that’s a total of 13500 XP among six PCs, which is 2250 XP each. enjoy!

Session 45: Brain or Braun?

We figured out how we can manipulate the doors of this mighty fine complex! They seem to lead to other shards that contain similar courtyards. We can change the access to certain doors/shards by manipulating the disk on the wall in the games room.

We, however, are having a hard time figuring out how to deal with the guardians in each courtyard. We came across a foggy elemental in one. This creature we did destroy. However, the other two shards are being guarded by some overpowering ceatures – a huge Earth elemental and Air elemental in one and a nasty stone statue in another.

Drentch seems to think that we should find a way to befriend and use these guardians. I agree. I think we need to use our minds on this rather than or fighting abilities. We do seem to be outmatched.

We decided to regroup and rethink how to deal with these creatures. Coming up with a game plan will be vital for our survival and continued progress to the library.

the XP report

puzzle-solving (operation of the wheel) CR 5 (800 XP level 8, 675 XP level 9)
living spell (too tired to check which one it was) CR 9 (3600 XP level 8, 2700 XP level 9)

total (level 8) 4400/6 = 733 total (level 9) 3375/6 = 563 Drentch, welcome to level 9

i’d award you XP for the elementals (CR 7 and CR 9) and the golem (CR 11) but, well, you didn’t overcome them, did you?

Session 44: The pit and the dildo

Corporal Camus Progress report

So we made up this sheer cliff and came to this octagonal depression in the rock face. Given all the damage we’ve taken recently we took shifts and got some rest. Unfortunately these vines kept coming and waking me up. After we all finally got enough rest, we started to explore the area below. There was some sort of stoic statue in the middle. Thinking this might be the “Guardian” mentioned in the diary some of us saluted to see the result. Unfortunately the result was it coming to life and attacking us.

After we finally got rid of him we explored the area. The first corridor was guarded by a couple of magic missile spouting crystals. After my compatriots dispatched them we made our way inside. The place was swanky, pool, sauna, huge fridge. We unanimously decided to make this our base of operations once we finish our work here. Unfortunately none of the paths lead to the phallic spire. We then made our way out seeing if we could make our way in from the base of the tower. Calon went up to see if there was an entrance further up. Unfortunately all he found was lighting (Although seeing him get shocked was mildly amusing)

We are now taking a break getting some rest and seeing if we can ascertain a way into the tower.

the XP report

critter or equivalent CR XP level 8 XP level 9
3 assassin vines 3 × 400 = 1200 3 × 338 = 1014
clay golem 10 4800 4050
missle crystal trap 5 800 675

level 8 folk, that’s a total of 6800, spread among 6, for 1133 XP each level 9 people, the total is 5739, which is 957 XP each. if my tallies are correct, both Ash and Camus are now level 9! welcome, folks. Dretch, you’ve not got far to go!

meanwhile, with regards to We unanimously decided to make this our base of operations once we finish our work here, if there are specific things you’d like your base to have (other than the portal to the Peace, which was already noted and is being dealt with), lemme know – commenting here would work. the rest of the complex (yes, you’ve not yet seen it all) hasn’t been detailed yet (yes, i’ve not yet seen it all either), and i’m willing to accomodate reasonable suggestions.

Session 43: The diary of Drentch

VII 417/3/48 OOC (wild assed guess as to date, but seems plausible) /OOC

We checked out the contents of the box we pilfered the night before and found a bunch of strange notes and a deck of cards. We figured maybe some of the notes or even the cards might help us activate the portal. We summoned Cahnu and asked to be taken pack to portal island. He suggested a side trip to Ora. She turns out to be an Oracle who uses cards to help us find knowledge we already have. (At least that is what she says, I’m not sure just how helpful her efforts are)

With more (or less) insight after speaking with Ora (and most of us feeling a bit unwell from her “big needle”) we returned to portal island and tried various words. Turns out “Pedro’s melons and minnows” was the secret pass phrase. Someone must have been drunk.

In the next shard we followed a month old path through a jungle. The path seemed to lead towards some sort of tower. To get to the tower we needed to climb a small mountain. This mountain was covered in vines. As we were climbing, the vines started to attack us. Being twenty feet up and having to deal with attacking vines was not fun. Fortunately, the vines were not too difficult to best. There were also some grub like creatures in the vines, but they didn’t seem to have much bite either.

After a small breather we’ll likely try climbing again.

the XP report

critter CR XP (level 8) XP (level 9)
3 assassin vines 3→4 becuase of situation 3 × 600 = 1800 3 × 450 = 1350
2 rot grubs 4 2 × 600 = 1200 2 × 450 = 900
1 creepy old halfling woman with looooooooooong needles priceless but we’ll say CR 6 1200 900

the situational adjustment on the ass.vines is cuz the terrain gave them a serious advantage. that’s a total of 4200(8th)|3150(9th) XP, among six PCs, which means 700 XP (8th level) and 525 XP (9th level). my apologies to Ash – i’m sure we can scrounge up 284 points for you next time…

Session 42: The thing from the depths....

...Can’t believe the lack of cooperation that we’ve been facing from the locals in this shard. Granted, the former administrator and her two assistants went missing whilst guiding the group that we’re following to the Green Portal, but there is really no evidence as yet that said group is directly responsible for their deaths, to say nothing of the fact that we are hardly affiliated with said previous group. <sigh> I suppose that emotion trumps logic in this instance.

To sum up, we were picked up from the entrance portal island by a Mutual Defence Cooperative fisherman so laid back that he could give lessons to the Dumbers. He then took us to see the Shard’s interim Administrator, a Regium functionary known as Ulaa. She was less than helpful, but we eventually contracted the aforementioned MDC fisherman of no facial expression to paddle us around.

Some time later, we reached an Island where Kalon found magical traces that suggested a portal – one that we were unable to trigger. As we were trying to figure it out, a tentacled thing came at us. I thought that most of us were going to buy it for sure – it engulfed several Drentsch, Ash and Camus fairly quickly. My arrows seemed to have minimal effect, so I allowed the warlock to magically swap Ash and myself to buy a little time. Ugh, I don’t think that I’ll ever get the taste out of my mouth. Disgusting. I think that all the ichor I swallowed affected my brain, as subsequent events will demonstrate.

Kalon finally managed to put the thing down with a well placed blast, but we were still unable to trigger the portal, so we returned to try and burgle Ulaa’s office to attempt to find more information in the files of her predecessor. It took a bit of tiptoeing around a sleeping dwarf, but we eventually found a map, a key and a metal cylinder with a lock that the key might fit. This is when I took leave of my senses and opened the cylinder without checking it out first. Stupid! I’m now weak as a child from the poison smeared all over it. I’m lucky this goo didn’t kill me outright! Oh, well, ‘what doesn’t kill me…’ and all that rot. Now to see what we’ve picked up….

the XP report

thing CR XP for 8th level
folk social interaction 5ish 800
shaboath 10 4800
searching near sleeping people 6 1200
it’s a trap! 9 3600

that’s a total of 10400 among six PCs, for a total of 1733 each. three of yuz are levelling up! another one is within 1000 xp! enjoy!

Session 41: through the undergate and beyond...

We made it through the undergate. We found ourselves in a low corridor, across a chasm from a plethora of other corridors. There was a groovy purple glow eminating from gemstones on the doors in these other corridors. We encountered a couple of blue tentacle-faced dudes, whom we eventually defeated. Some of our party seemed to be very mellow during the combat – not that there’s anything wrong with mellowing out.

The grey gate was found, which took us to an island. It seems like a nice island – coconuts on one of the trees, and the sand is way cool. Coconut shells could prove useful as percussion instruments. We saw a dude rowing past – he seemed wrapped kinda’ tight – hopefully he can chill and help us find the green gate.

the XP report

well, a mind flayer is CR 8, which is 2400XP for an 8th level character. there were two of them, which totals 4800XP, among six is 800XP each. no new levels – sorry.


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