Session 60: Something is Happening in the Valley

It seems that RnR does not last too long for the New Invincibles. We just got back from dropping off stuff, and negotiating with Vincent to come across a plea for help from Delphine’s Aunt (This is one of the relatives of Camus’ “X-Cohort”).

Camus wanted to go and help out the small village in the Brandiss Valley. It sounds like a nice thing to do given they seem to be periodically missing people and then finding them with no minds. It sounds a little gruesome. I hope we make it back and in time to meet with Dalong and Satibah. Hopefully, some questions may be answered with these meetings.

At any rate, we are now in the Brandis Valley – nice place, but not as nice as Rupert’s Hollow. We met the local Bastion guard. They are nice enough – a little rigid, but, again, that is the Bastion. It seems Camus was transfered from this post because he got ‘too close to the locals’.

We left the outpost. (Many complained of poor dreams that night). On our way to the village, we met up with Delphine’s brother. He took the news of his sister’s death quite deeply. I fear the impact this will have on others.

We decided to take the boy back to the village. On route, we were attacked by some wretched beasts – including some of those demons that we met up in the Eshenag mines. I think the boy and our new Bastion “dog friend” are feeling the bugs – I shudder of that thought as it reminds me of an unpleasant experience of the past.

Anyways . . . something is happening here . . . on to the village . . .

The xp report

encounter CR XP
the Jade Fortress 12 (approx) 4950
Tilom 2 (officiall) 130 (ad hoc)
Pseudonatural Hippogriff 2 nil
Ekolids 4 @ CR4 4 × 275 = 1100

that’s a total of 6180 XP amongst the six of you, for 1030 XP each. share and enjoy.

Session 59: Some musings from Shego....

Damn, but my shoulder still hurts from where that thing’s tail knocked me over. What a trip this has been! Our Drummer hosts woke us up for breakfast (nice spread, by the way – those Drummers set a mean table. Comes from knowing how to party, no doubt….), well. not all of us. Ash and Kalon were nowhere to be seen. We were, however, intoduced to an obvious Overlord representative, and a short, sturdy looking human woman. I had a bad feeling right from the moment that that Overlord showed his face. Turned out that half of the stuff we’d been transporting was to be sold to each of these factions, the overlords and the Family (we later found out that the woman was a ‘legitimate businesswoman’). Since we only had half the shipment with us, there was a problem, as neither side was willing to wait for us to go and fetch the rest.. As luck would have it, each was willing to take custody of a person of interest in lieu of the goods – our missing party members. Nothing doing. I’d never turn anyone over to the Overlords {Shego spits on the ground in disgust} and I couldn’t bring myself to turn a battle companion over to an enemy for mere expedience in any case. Both Ash and Kalon have proved their worth many times over.

Fortunately, Camus has recently developed the ability to teleport himself and thus could ferry the rest quickly in a number of such jaunts. I offered to put up most of my remaining cash in order to grease the wheels with the fire giants that were holding the goods, if the Drummers would kick in as well. Fortunately, our host Vincent seemed amenable to the suggestion. However, just as he was off getting some cash to front us, one of his underlings returned, yelling about some ‘bad shit’ going down. It seems that our incarcerated companions, unaware of our negotiations, decided to stage a jailbreak. During the escape, a hidden thug of the family got involved and killed one of Vincent’s people. Luckily, this brought Vincent into the fight (don’t ever tick off that guy, let me tell you….) and turned our host against the Family’s claim on Ash. This allowed us to deliver the goods to the Overlords and got our guys off the hook.

We then agreed to accompany Vincent back to the Fire Giant’s lair to negotiate a trade route. Unfortunately, we also passed the body of the Ogre-that-changed-into-a-freaking-big-carnivorous-lizard that we killed. Turned out that he had been one of Vincent’s advance sentries on that road. It came out that Camus had started the fight and that kind of soured our good relations with Vincent. We did get through the negotiations and back to Vincent’s HQ without further incident. We then exchanged info with our host on Kalon’s brothers and decided that the best step in picking up their trail from here would be to head back to the ‘Peace and try to get from there to the Talon-controlled shard where the now defunct portals had led.

On making camp on the way to the nearest portal back to the ‘Peace, I took first watch, as I had seen no action in a couple or three days. I don’t know where the hell that thing came from, but it hit me hard. Twice. I managed to get in a good lick, disappeared and backed off, yelling to alert my comrades. Camus charged in but missed. Kalon and Ash got some good shots off, as did I from range. Then the beast started pounding on Camus and knocked him down. I then got the bright idea to D-hop in, hit the thing and try to D-hop it away from the pup. Nice idea in principle, unfortunately, it resisted my spell. Camus managed to disappear and the critter then proceeded to beat the snot out of me. I only just managed to get away before collapsing. Fortunately, the guys brought it down shortly thereafter, and I had my wounds tended. The shoulder still hurts a bit though.

Hopefully, we’ll be back at the ‘Peace tomorrow.

The xp report

encounter CR or equiv XP lvl 10 XP lvl 11
werebears (2) 2 @ CR 5 2 × 500 = 1000 2 × 413 = 826
ogre mage 8 1500 1100
assorted overlords types (diplomatic) 13 9000 6600
assorted family types (diplomatic) 13 9000 6600
guulvorg 13 9000 6600

(oh, and i’d like to point out that those two diplomatic encounters would likely have been worth fewer XP if you’d dealt with them in combat.) that’s a total of 29500 (level 10) or 21726 (level 11) amongst six PCs, thus 4917 XP (level 10) or 3621 XP (level 11). shego, welcome to the 11th level. isn’t the view from here nice?

Session 58: The Weretrex and Intelligent Wolves

VII 417/3/59

So, that hard part was over. We made it through the impassible mountains. All that was left was to cruise to the camp, finish brokering the deal, and collect the items we had waiting there. One time it might that easy. As we came upon a clearing in the trees, we spotted an Ogre mumbling to himself. Camus started to communicate with it {I swear one of ‘em said something about onions} and the Ogre went crazy, and not just crazy. He turned into about the toughest lizard we have fought to date, a frenzied T-Rex. It couldn’t quite manage to swallow Shego whole, but it did manage to force Drentch down. Drentch cut his way out of it’s belly only to have it swallow him whole again. If I hadn’t been so busy throwing most of my spells at it, I would have laughed. We finally managed to take the thing down, and Drentch cut is way out a second time. He was looking rather soggy. We took a few moments to heal up and continued on our way. We’ve met with Vincent and are staying the night. The wolves that help to guard camp are impressive.

The xp report

encounter CR XP lvl 10 XP lvl 11
the weretrex 13 9000 6600
15 piety points per level ad-hoc 8th? 1500 1100
vincent not yet not yet not yet
totals - 10500 7700

amongst six of yuz, that’s 1750 XP for the level 10, and 1283 XP for the 11ths.

Session 57: From the diary of Drentch

VII 417/3/59

Needing to rest, we first investigated the room we were in to ensure it was safe. Checking the other door, we unleashed a hound and an orc. I had to dispatch the orc and the hound was also killed.

Then three more dogs appeared at the base of the stairs. Kalon revealed a new trick which caused tentacles to come from the floor and grab two of the three dogs. All three seemed to be in discomfort around the tentacles. With this to deter them, we easily dealt with the dogs.

Then came a rather tense situation. We heard yelling coming from the other side of the door. Camus was able to interpret and revealed it was the giants and they wanted us to come out and talk. Not exactly a situation I wanted to be in.

Eventually, we did come out to face 5 giants. A bit more than we could handle. Turns out we’ve been stomping in their playground. The hydra was their guard dog. The salamanders were either friends, pets or slaves. I’m not sure which. We agreed to undergo a trial of justice rather than face immediate death.

The giants put us in a cell for the night (ah blessed rest, feels like I’ve been on the go for days). In the morning we were lead to the “trial”. I had a chance to speak to one of the orcs. Turns out some are happy in their slavery while others are not. It makes me hot thinking of orcs under the rule of these giants.

We were put to the test. Turns out the trial of justice was combat with some sort of swarm of burning creatures. The trial was difficult, but not as difficult as I feared. We defeated the swarm in the end, with Suma delivering the killing blow. He seemed disappointed that the combat was over. I think our diminutive drummer is getting a true taste for battle.

After the trial, the giants forgave us and a fine swine roast was had. We opened up discussions about a possible trade route through their domain.

I still burn over the subjugation of orcs by non-orcs. I will not forget them and will free them somehow, but this was not the time.

The xp report

critter CR XP (level 10) XP (level 11)
orc 4 375 275
hell hounds (3) 3 @ 3 3 × 250 = 750 officially 0, ad hoc: 3 × 200 = 600
nessian warhound 9 2000 1650
almost certain death 13ish 9000 6600
cinder swarm 13 9000 6600

for a total of 21125 (level 10) or 15725 (level 11). amongst six of yuz, that’s 3521 XP (level 10), 2621 XP (level 11). that means 11th level for everyone except shego. congrats to the pig, the dog, and the respectable businessman.

Session 56: The final thoughts of Delphiine Eisamm

Well thats just great, Im dead. And things were looking up too, I met up with Camus and we were together again. My death wasn’t even dramatic or romantic or anything.

We got up found our way around the magma pit avoided that annoying fire giant. Unfortunately there was this ugly horned thing behind the door there to greet us. Camus was looking pretty haggard so I tried to get in there and give him some healing but I failed to notice that my Sanctuary spell had dissipated and as soon as I got to an open area the putrid horned thing got me with his sword and then … that was it for me.

So yeah … Im dead. My spirit did stick around to watch them kill the bastard and say my goodbyes even though they prob’ly couldn’t hear me. It was so hard watching Camus clutch my body to his breast and cry with me not being able to comfort him. I wish him all the best of luck in the future, given the life he chooses to live. I just hope he doesn’t let my death tear him up on the inside. I just hope no one from Brandiss valley tries to kill him when they find out what happened.

Good bye invincibles

The XP report

critter CR XP
fire giant 10 3000
ken li 10 3000
getting out of a situation largely of your own creation 8 1500

that’s a total of 7500 XP amongst 6 PCs, for 1250 XP each. enjoy. Suma and Kalon, welcome to 11th level. Ash, welcome to sneezing-distance-from 11th level.

Session 55: walking through a volcano

Mostly combat so far today. We fought a couple of slithery critters guarding the entry to a passage through the volcano… not sure if talking to them first would have made any difference.

The passage took us past a magma pit. From this pit emerged various creatures – something was throwing hot stones (which subsequently seems to have disappeared). We subsequently fought some oozy monsters. A fair bit of spider climbing involved. Two of our party fell off the cliff – Camus survived, but the Orc bard Grün did not (she was some sort of ‘friend’ of Drentch). Oh well, Drentch didn’t seem too upset about her departure.

Apparently, there is an Orc colony in the mountain somewhere – not the nicest place to live, but these are Orcs we’re talking about. How the orcs relate to the magma menagerie remains a mystery.

the XP report

critter CR XP
salamanders(2) 2 @ 6 2 × 750 = 1500
fire giant oh, wait, you didn’t overcome that challenge squat
fall down go boom (ad hoc) 700
lava ooze(2) 2 @ 5 2 × 500 = 1000
bloodfire ooze 7 1000

that’s a total of 4200XP amongst six of yuz, which is 700XP each. enjoy. no level-ups this time, sorry.

Session 54: Some "Lizards", Dead and Afraid Orcs and a Door into the Unknown

We continued to make our way to find a trade route between Gatin and Gita Hills. Drentch informed us that the Estik Mountains means “impassable” mountains in Orcish. I wonder what that is all about, and am quite certain this will be found out. I also wonder why this shard is important for Nirgali to disrupt. This too, I hope will become clear. We need to find some kind of pattern to his attacks.

On route, we ran into some rather large lizards (T-Rex’s I think). Shego is indeed proving himself to be useful. A few of us almost became digested by the beasts, but we eventually got everyone out of their guts. (We lost a donkey, but had a pretty impressive introduction to a unicorn).

We continued to follow the path and got to the base of the mountain. Slept. Awoke (Stupid Birds). I scouted ahead up the mountain and found that there were no other clear paths through the mountain and that the path that existed led into one of the mountains. There was an unknown skeleton at the door.

We proceeded up the mountain. Figured out that the skeleton was an orc. I could feel Drentch’s concern about this quest (quite understandably) increase ten fold if not more. We entered the cavern to find yet another dead orc and a hydra. We killed off the hydra and then followed a pathway into the mountain. Found a door and a couple of pretty concerned orcs behind it. They were guarding yet another door and were afraid of “someone sending them to it”. I am certain we will end up finding out what they are talking about. I just hope we all make it out to tell the tale.

At any rate . . . into the unknown we go . . .

the XP report

critter CR XP
2 T-Rexen 2 @ 8 2 × 1500 = 3000
10-headed quasi-pyrohydra 10 3000
two terrified orcs 2 @ ½ 2 × 0 = 0

that’s a total of 6000XP, among 6 PCs, which strangely enough ends up being 1000 XP each.

Session 53: Field communique from O/L troubleshooter Shego Mar to administrator Kort Hulum, Kiszuna's Peace.

Hey, boss! I finally made contact with the New Invincibles. These guys are certainly crazy enough to be of use to us – I was able to convince them to take me on provisionally due to their being down a body – one of them was killed (Nevylle, I think his name was), when they divided into two teams and beat on each other in Gorgor’s Pits to raise extra cash. Nuts, eh? Blood Drentsch put the poor sod down, no surprise there. They had some curious information regarding the Overlord weapon that you want to track down. First of all, it is as we feared, the weapon is designed to shatter portals. Secondly, it is a person, not an object – a son of Nathuul Kaal. Finally and most curiously, he is no longer under the direct control of the Overlords. There are a few interesting tidbits about one of my new comrades as well, but those had best wait until I can deliver them face to face; I wouldn’t want this information to be intercepted by a third party.

We went down to the Pits’ admin offices to straighten out some irregularities with the promoter they had dealt with, but he was making a point of not seeing us. I thought that things might get tense, but cooler heads prevailed and we went to see Al Gorgor instead. Nice guy, Al, he took care of all the problems right away.

We then got a comission from a group of Drummers specialising in, well, shall we say, circumventing restrictive trade practices as regards certain, herbal extracts. I know that you probably won’t approve, but the situation that caused them to need our services involves the destruction of two portals from their shard to a third party shard. This is the best lead on the weapon in some time, so it seemed prudent to follow it up, despite your distaste for this sort of thing. I promise that I’ll only indulge as necessary to obtain information. Our immediate assignment was to scout out a reliable path from one end of the shard to the other, over some mountainous terrain. On our way out we were engaged by a couple of land sharks. Good fight, that! I enjoyed it heartily. I acquited myslef well enough to make them think it a good decision that they took me on. Drentsch, Ash and Suma seem like regular folk. Camus and Kalon are okay, but they both have an … overabundance of personal dignity. I’ll enjoy having fun with that. Until we meet again! Shego Mar

the XP report

general social interaction, including Bilgor and Al Gorgor 3000XP
two landsharks 2000XP
a successful execution of the Magellan 1000XP

that’s a total of 6000XP, among six PCs, which is 1000 XP each. enjoy.

Session 52: Goodbye Nevyn

VII 417/3/56

Well, well where to begin.

As of the afternoon of the 54th, we decided we had accomplish as much as we could with the investigation. We retired to an interesting seafood joint called the Dripping Halfling. The boys ordered me up a unique dish of octopus that changed colors. My critic? It was as aesthetically pleasing as it was palatable. We wandered back to the Tasty Dragon and called it an early night. The trial was set for the morning.

The trial went almost as we’d hoped. We each took the stand and accounted for our actions in the Fen of Old Sorrow. The prosecution attempt to question our character to pin the murder charges, but our witnesses held. In the end, Drentch was convicted of Assault on a Dragon and fined 5000 gold or a week in prison. Considering what he was facing, not a bad outcome. It was interesting to see whom from which phyle showed up to witness. I think I can expect something else from The Family soon.

Now things truly get interesting.

We were shy the money to pay Drentch’s fine and began to brainstorm. The Pits were mention and we ran with the idea. One night only, Blood Drentch returns with the New Incredibles. The promoter had Drentch and Kalon draw names and we would face each other in combat. First team to knock out the other team wins. Kalon, myself, and Neven vs. Drentch, Camus, and Suma. We had a while to prepare, so I used the opportunity to refocus my abilities. As they haven’t seen much of my bag of tricks, I decided to pull out all the stops tonight. We planned to concentrate on Suma first. Those elementals he summons are just too nasty.

The ring was multilevel, multi-terrain featuring a full bog, lake, and lovely fog in which to hide. 40ft ceilings and a few stone columns also helped to keep things exciting. We began about 600ft away from each other, us on the bog side, them on the fog side.

I’ll run over the scrum quickly, as I’m sure many detailed accounts of our fight will no doubt be in the papers.
  • Our side drew first blood, on Suma, with Neven taking a hit quickly after.
  • Suma summons an earth elemental that spends most of its time chasing after me…bloody thing nearly hit me too
  • Neven and I combined to knock Suma out first with a covert magic missle hit from me, and a well placed sleep arrow from Neven. Perhaps Drentch needs a few of sleep arrows.
  • Once I made it into the the fog, I changed myself into Camus to try and confuse Drentch.
Imagine how confused Camus was, when he ran right by me and left himself open to a free attack by me.
  • I tumbled away from Camus and left the fog, to notice Drentch with his bow out. I quickly hurried over and grabbed his spiked chain, and ran back to the fog with it. No more having to tumble far away from him to get away from it.
  • Camus got to experience a new tactic I’ve been thinking of. It worked well.
  • I zipped out of the fog to see Camus and Drentch standing together. They got to experience another new trick of mine. A fireball.
  • Drentch didn’t seem to like that, because he responded by burying an arrow in Neven’s eye up to the fletchings. So much for the fine, looks like we’ll have to get Neven raised. The crowd went wild with the shot though. I can see why Drentch loved it so.
  • Camus was looking a little haggard, so as he was trying to get to me, I backed off and hit him with two more magic missles. That retired him from the fray.
  • I hit Drentch with my last two magic missles, and invited him into the fog. As he was coming in to play, Kalon got him with a sleep wand and the challenge was ours.

Now we can see about taking care of Neven.

the XP report

i’m going to peg the stuff that happened on the ‘net between sessions and the trial as together adding up to the same ad-hoc 6120XP as last time. add on to that six level-10 PCs, (CR10 each, which is 3000XP each), and that’s a total of 24120XP among six PCs, which is 4020XP each. sadly, one of the six may not actually benefit from it…

Session 51: Delphinne's Letter

Tante Kaaytah,

Sorry its been so long since we talked but I’ve been busy. I made your delivery here in the piece and now I’m all on my own, or at least I was. I grabbed a drink at a local bar called the Tasty Dragon and you’ll never guess who I met, Camus! Now I know you never approved of him, and “archons will only break your heart” but since I no longer live in village I don’t have try to keep convincing you otherwise.

So he’s part of this adventuring party they call the “invincible’s”, grandiose name I know but they do have a following here in the piece and after some talking about his adventures I’ve decided to join his group. One of their party is wrongly accused of murder so we’ve been working on clearing his name, or at least as clean as an orc’s name can be.

We just finished this altercation with these assassin types that were called “dogull’s” or something with these discussing spinocon things buzzing all about. One of these assassin guys killed the bartender, but we were able to reincarnate the bartender as an African grey parrot making him much cuter in the process. The parrot gave his deposition to the Drench’s (the Orc in the party) lawyer. From there we followed up a lead at this magic shop. When the manager found out we were onto him he tried to make a break for it, but we caught him. Through some conversation and investigation we discovered that the magic shop is owned by someone’s family. I don’t know what that was all about but it did seem to concern the group.

So now a few of them are going to see this Niana person to follow up on that lead, which Camus wasn’t too thrilled about. Must mean she’s ugly or boring or something. I’ve been noticing some lecherous gestures from two of Camus’ friends Ash and Nevil, which may come in useful later on.

That’s all for now


the XP report

this is a huge pile of ad-hockery. i’m calling it 2.5 encounters (i’ll let you decide which was which) at CR 9.5, which with a slight numbers massage (no comments on Audrey Bitoni please) gives 8280XP (level 9) or 6120XP (level 10) – among six of you that’s 1380XP (level 9) or 1020XP (level 10). i believe you’re all at the same level again. enjoy.


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