Session 69: Diary of Drentch

Wow, that was close! There were three doors left in the room we were left in. Door #1 help some food, bedrolls, toiletries and a note suggesting we hang tight written by “DK”. Not sure who that is. Maybe Dalong? Of course waiting around isn’t really our style. So we tried Door #2. Another spider like creature. No biggie. We dealt with it handily. I got a bit scratched up, but not really anything to worry about, so I didn’t bother anyone for healing.

Finally came Door #3. Before opening it, Camus and Shego said they heard some wailing or screaming or something from the other side. I wasn’t too stressed about it. So far nothing had been a big problem in here. I opened the door. The other side was different from the previous doors. A huge dark room/chamber/cavern with an icy bridge over it. Some flying things appeared in the darkness and emitted a horrible scream that had a number of us stunned. I couldn’t do anything for a while and one of the beasties took advantage of my stunned state and scratched me some more. Then a sheet of energy came out of the darkness and I knew no more.

I’m told that Shego took the lead. From what he tells me, he saved the day for us. Taking down at least three of the six flying things himself. I’ve also heard the Suma’s summoned elemental might have been elemental to our victory and that Ash and Kalon might have had something to do with our continued survival. In particular, I owe Ash a big one. Apparently, with Suma stunned he did an amazing move and hit me with a cure wand to keep me from dying.

The only thing I’m clear of is that Camus and I were both close to death a number of times.

Next time, I heal up before opening doors in an unknown environment.

The XP report

critter CR lvl 11 lvl 12 lvl 13
retriever 14 9900 7200 5850
six vrocks 6 × 9 6 × 1650 = 9900 6 × 1200 = 7200 6 × 975 = 5850

i find it mildly amusing that the single retriever and the half-dozen vrocks come out to the same XP value. the retriever probably shouldn’t give you full XP, as you dealt with it easily. the vrocks, on the other hand, are probably worth extra, given all the trouble they caused you. so i figure it balances out. dispute with me at your peril.

the totals:
character level total XP among six PCs means you get
11 19800 3300
12 14400 2400
13 11700 1950

that’s a new level for ash, suma, and drentch. welcome to 13th, y’all.

tiny geeky thing to add: when ash joined the saturday Mobb, he was 3772 XP behind kalon. he’s now 10 XP behind kalon. the point: lower-level characters really do progress more quickly.

oh, and someone was asking when this all started (in game). the first session of the dearly departed Monday Mobb was on VII 417/2/39-40. as it’s now VII 417/4/15, that means that 95 days have passed. so you’re averaging something like one level every 7-8 days.

Session 68: Corporal Camus progress report

So we got back into the peace just about the same time for sumas and Kalons appointments. After we did some shopping and various errands we met back up after about a week. We all made it there but for some reason it took forever for Kalon to join up with us.

First we met with Kalon or sumas contact person. ( I forget which cause frankly I don’t care) Apparently though, we just missed him and they left contact information on where they could be reached. Instead of following them we decided to make the other meeting. So we made it to this meeting room and waited. All of a sudden this giant appeared Soon thereafter these beams bursted from this rainbow he had and stunned most of us.

According to mareko what happened next is he systematically gathered us in a bag of holding as Kalon booked it to get some help. when we came to we were in this square room with doors on each wall. With nothing else to do we opened a door to find this spider creature. The foul thing quaked at my might and was soon dispatched just as Kalon teleported in. Which is good, since he knew where to teleport he should know where we are.

the XP report

as i’ve got these numbers here now, i thought i’d get a jump on the XP. the critter up against which most of you were was a retriever, which is CR 11. the tables give XP for level 11 characters (popularly known as “Camus”) as 3300, and for level 12 (popularly known as “everyone else except the warlock who was getting help”) as 2400. that’s split amongst 5 PCs. which means the dog gets 660XP, and the rest of yuz get 480XP. by a strange coïncidence, the warlock who was getting help gets 480XP for puzzle-solving, etc. :-)

Session 67.5: Return to Brandiss Valley

After recovering the rest of the prisoners we started ferrying them out of the stronghold and once everyone was out and at the base of the dam we made our way back to Brandiss Valley.

As the prisoners regained the composure They returned to their usual behavior of condescending glances and cloaked speculation. During the journey Kalon and Mareko periodically surveyed the area to ensure nothing was approaching. Also their return home was accompanied by the persistent rejoicing of “I’m alive … I’m ALIVE” from Darosa. Tilom was thrilled to be involved in such a heroing adventure despite the danger and personal loss to his family. He tried using this adventure as further proof that he has what it takes to join the Bastion, but after much convincing I got Tilom to stay in Brandiss Valley as He’s the “best defense they have against encroaching evil”

After everyone was relocated back to the village the “New Invincibles” made their way back to the Jade Fortress for the de-briefing. I conveyed the news in abbreviated form of what happened. They were all saddened by the news and that evening they performed the “Bastion right of honorable death” for Inavori and Soren. That night he told those that were interested the whole story of what happened (Camus is actually a really compelling and eloquent story teller)

In the morning after saying their goodbyes the team made its way trough the portal and back to “the Peace”

the XP report

i’d been meaning to give you a story award for completing this whole brandiss valley bizniss. here it is: 600 XP for the 12th level folk, 1200 XP for the recently dead 11th level chappie.

Session 67: Not dead yet...

Wow, those dudes were tough to defeat. After teleporting in to find whats-his-name lying on a table, we heard his mother and her two new friends ask us what we were doing here. After some pleasant conversation (ok – maybe not so pleasant for Camus), we got into combat with the beholder and that other thing (which looked quite impressive). Two of our party members really wigged out during this combat – they must have had some nice stuff to smoke (I’ll have to ask them about that). The beholder dropped fairly soon, but that other impressive-looking thing took much more effort. Some collateral damage along the way – Camus almost took a trip to the ‘dog kennel in the sky’, but seems to have made a recovery. The mother of the dude who was on the table also didn’t survive – she seemed to have a bee in her bonnet about something. The cleric that we rescued was causing some trouble – some minor spells and attacks, but she was always apologizing for that.

the XP report

critter CR XP level 11 XP level 12
sibriex (Xyargaygg) 15 13200 10800
beholder (Xaxyg) 13 6600 5400
half-elf druid (Vinmara) 12 4950 3600

that makes for a total of 24750 XP (level 11) or 19800 XP (level 12), which means that among six PCs, you get 4125 XP (level 11) or 3300 XP (level 12). in camus’s case, as he’d been dropped to 55000 XP (the start of level 11) by the whole dead|raised thing, he’s now at 59125.

Session 66: Mind Games, Big Dudes and Biological Experimentations

Where to start?

First, now that I am of sound mind, I can honestly say that I do not like those Beholders. Given that, we did take one out. (I felt sad at first, but now I am of sound mind.)

Seems these individuals enjoy getting into our minds. A confused Camus killed, his cohort, Inavori. This makes two that have gone in passing. I sure hope this one does not have a family that is in trouble.

Umber Hulks, a Beholder and a great big oozy fleshy thing marked our morning. Nothing even smells good here. (Well the tree is not too bad).

We did release the prisoners from the first area.That felt good. Only, however, to learn that there is yet another room with bigger things – Not so good news.

So that is where we currently are. In a larger room fighting larger things that like to get into your mind. Speaking of which, here comes yet another Beholder, a presumed charmed mother who wants her son “operated” on/dissected, and something is talking in my head.

Did I mention, that I hate this place? Here we go again . . .

the XP report

critter CR XP
beholder 13 5400
4 umber hulks 4 @ 8 4 × 900 = 3600
elder flesh elemental 13 5400
sagta the bar-lgura (diplomatic) 6 450
2 other bar-lgura 2 @ 6 900
truly horrid umber hulk 14 7200
3 ekolids 3 @ 4 3 × 0 = 600

that’s a total of 23550XP amongst six of yuz, for 3925 XP each

Session 65: Slow day

We’ve had a bit of a lull in the action lately. Oh, there was one of those nasty moths, but Drentsch and Kalon were able to take care of it handily. We then had to figure out how to get from the portal to the tree. We ended up using the bags of holding that we found in the last shard to hold everyone save Camus and Kalon, who took us over to a suitable branch. We then finally spent a peaceful evening in rest. The next morning Suma managed to talk to the tree and locate where the prisoners likely were. Kalon scouted it out and discovered that there were two levels, each with a couple of those umber hulks that we fought earlier. Also, there was another critter that we hadn’t seen before floating in the middle of it all. Remembering back to my studies in the ‘Party’s library; a beholder, its called. These things are nasty. I related what I remembered of its capabilities to the party and after much brainstorming, we decided it best to go in on the top ledge and try to take out the two hulks there before trying our luck with the beholder. I think that we’ve got a chance – those umber hulks weren’t much difficult the last time we fought them. The only real problem is how to get in – there are no openings that we can see. Also, only two of our teleporters have the range to get through the trunk. Looks like will have to get Kalon and Camus to take us through in the bags of holding again. We’ll leave our rescued villagers behind on the tree where its safe, though. Okay we’re in the bags now. Good! I’m itching for a decent scrap at this point. Kalon should let us out any time now. Any time! Man. its taking a long time for him to let us out of the bag. Finally! now the bag’s opening. Now we can get into a decent dustup! Here goes….

the XP report

critter CR XP (level 11) XP (level 12)
slake moth 9 1650 1200
problem-solving ad-hoc 12 4950 3600
giving the DM an evilgasm bonus! 1100 900

that’s a total of 7700 (level 11) or 5700 (level 12), for a per-PC XP reward of 1283 (level 11) or 950 (level 12). mr mar, welcome to level 12!

Session 64: Into the Depths

VII 417/4/9

So, we decided to try and sleep again. We picked the room where Camus found the swarms. Yet again it was not to do as one the the ape-like creatures attempted to grapple with Kalon. It teleported away after we surrounded it. We pressed back on to the stairs and going through one room just taxed me like crazy. I’m feeling weak.

Down the stairs and around the corner found us involved with some of the most bizarre creatures to date. I hurry over to check out a wide pedestal and it turn out to be a monster. It starts paralyzing people and drawing them in. I hit it until it sagged. I didn’t notice Kalon engaged with a couple of rather large ape-like crature again, with bug heads and no wings. One fell over when I hit it with my flaming shurikens, but when the other one was dead things really begin to happen. The ape things flipped themselves inside out. Suddenly we’re facing a huge cube of quivering flesh, viscera flailing everywhere. The thing absorbed our poor beagle companion as it pushed me to a wall. It’s rough being from Camus’s past I’m beginning to realize.

I popped open another door and we find Tante and Delphiine’s sister locked in cages. Some teleporting trickery gets everyone out. We’ve managed to find a portal in another office type room and we’re now deciding whether to teleport, take our found people back to the village, or face the Moth behind door number three….....

The xp report

critter CR XP level 11 XP level 12
bar-lgura CR 6 550 450
roper CR 12 4950 3600
umber hulks 2 @ CR 7 2 × 825 = 1650 2 × 600 = 1200
huge flesh elemental CR 9 1650 1200
rescuing prisoners, etc (story award) CR 12 4950 3600

that’s a total of 13750 (level 11) or 10050 (level 12), among six PCs, which means 2292 XP (level 11) and 1675 XP (level 12). the pig now levels up, and mr.mar is in what we in the business like to refer to as “sneezing distance”.

Session 63: From the diary of Drentch

VII 417/4/9

So we decided to try the door in the wall. With some caution we opened the door and entered. Entry was pretty uneventful but shortly after that we encountered some more of those beasties that seem to carry bugs with them. A couple of us now have bugs crawling all over us, but the others simply will not believe us.

Kalon used his tentacle magic to hold them to their spots while the rest of us easily dispatched them.

Next came a blob of some sort that really wasn’t very interesting or challenging.

The other dog got all excited and ran away a couple times. We found him barking in front of a door. The door had a sign but as we were trying to figure out what it said, the dog disappeared and then started complaining from the other side of the door.

This forced us to open the door before we were ready to only to release….


I hate bugs. These were tough, but at least everyone agreed they were there. Funny that.

So we dealt with the bugs and then returned to the sign on the door. Ominously, it read “Remember, ration cards are in effect”. OK, maybe not so ominous, but not really useful either. At least not compared to the build up of trying to figure it out.

The xp report

critter CR XP lvl 11 XP lvl 12
4 ekolids 4 @ CR 4 4 × 275 nada
chaos beast 1 @ CR 7 825 600
2 hellwasp swarms 2 @ CR 8 2 × 1100 2 × 900

that’s a total of [4125|2400] XP, among six of yuz, for 688XP (level 11) and 400XP (level 12). enjoy. if my records are correct, that means level-ups for Ash and Camus, with Drentsch in sneezing distance.

Session 62: Field Scout Inavori Progress Report

So we managed to find the dam which is hopefully going to lead us to Delphinnes family. As we got closer we noticed what looked like large moth things. Now I dont know too much about what happened next because as it turns out Camus and I was mesmerized my these moth creatures, but once we finally snapped out of it it turns out the Moths were scrapping with our group as well as a couple of these monkeys demons we were facing earlier that day as well.

Once we joined the fray I let loose with some celestial eagles (which unfortunately fell victim to the same paralysis we just shrugged off), Camus & Mareko did their usual thing and soon we all finished off the remaining demons. We looked around after the encounter and we saw more of those demon monkeys falling and tele-porting up again, falling and tele-porting up again. They seemed to have no interest in attacking. We had talked about engaging them but since the welfare of Delphinnes family is paramount we continued on to the dam.

Once we got there we searched for a door. Unfortunately we couldn’t find one. So we had Kalon scout on up above to see if there was anything waiting for us. Apparently there was a mosquito like creature there but like so many other things it disappeared. So unphased we continued on to go up onto the dam we discovered a door and a small cave. We investigated the cave first and found a Chaos beast, Its been a long time since me and Camus faced one of them, But me and him quickly finished it just like old times. There was really nothing else in there execpt small pit with nothing it, kind of dissapointing.

So with nothing else to do we turned our attention to the door.

The xp report

Critter CR XP (level 11)
2 Bar-Lgura 2 @ 6 2 × 550 = 1100
2 Slake Moths 2 @ 9 2 × 1650 = 3300
Chaos Beast 7 825

that’s a total of 5225 XP among six PCs, or 871 XP each. suma and kalon are now at 12th level, various other people are in sneezing distance of it.

Session 61: Weirdness in the Valley

We made it into Mahabala and found Tante Katyah’s place. She was keeping a low profile, so it took some extra efforts to make contact. Camus had the unenviable task of breaking the news about Delphiine. I took a look around in TK’s garden while we were waiting. Some interesting herbs growing there – I’d like to discuss horticulture weith her at some point (assumign we can get this mess sorted out). While I was in the garden, something grabbed me from behind… (yeah, I know – “What, is it Friday already?” ) I wild-shaped into a polar bear, which made it easier to break the grapple. A bit of faerie fire showed the outline of some kind of nasty ape.

Kalon was able to get TK to talk with us. After that, we were doing some night security. I woke up while Camus was on watch. We found Camus being grappled by a couple of those apes. Camus was eventually released – unfortunately it seems that the boy disappeared at some point. I was able to scry the missing boy (thanks to Shego for shedding some light on the situation) – he’s in a cylindrical prison, hard to say exactly where. I listened to what the trees were saying about the surrounding area (nature has quite a bit to tell – you just need to know how to listen). There was apparently quite a bit of activity by a wall about 7 miles out of the village.

We found the wall (perhaps a dam?), with some large butterflies standing guard. Some of our party seem quite impressed these critters, but I’m not so sure they will be friendly. Arrgh – I wish I had more sleep last night.

We found it 7 miles out of the village

The xp report

critter CR XP
assorted bar-lgura 5 @ 6 5 × 550 = 2750
two defenceless old women 10 (approx) 2200
sleuthing 11 (approx) 3300

that’s a total of 8250XP amongst the six of yuz, or 1375 XP each. no level-ups this session, but several seem almost certain next time if you survive.


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