Delphiine Eisamm

The crocus of Brandiss valley


Female Half Elf w/ minor Fey bloodline Healer (deceased)


Delphiine was one of 5 children in small village of Mahabala nestled deep within Brandiss Valley. She studied the healing arts under the watchful eye of her mother and village Matriarch Vinmara. It was a quiet life treating minor cuts and illnesses of the villagers.

There was a small Bastion of Righteousness outpost a few kilometers off the outskirts of town. Though it had been there for years the villagers were uneasy of having a military presence so close to their sleepy little town and thus treated the few that came from there with a particularly frosty disposition.

However Delphinne saw an exception in Camus and began to spend more and more time with him eventually growing into a romantic relationship. This did sit well with the village especially her mother. She tried on numerous occasions to persuade her against this relationship, but in the end only strengthening her resolve.

One day a legion of undead suddenly attacked the village in the hopes of setting up their own colony. Despite being hopelessly outnumbered Camus defended the village and its inhabitants until reinforcements could arrive. The aftermath was horrible with almost a half of the population dead or dying.

Despite his show of valor in the engagement Camus was called back to his for a court marshal hearing. Though they both wanted to stay together Mahabala needed Delphiine and so they had to part.

Years later the two met by chance in Kashunas peace and after much conversation and the realization that they truly missed each other they decided to travel together as part of the “New Invincibles”

Delphiine Eisamm

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