The Dog fighter of the Third Division


A well-built humanoid with a dogs head with black and tan pattern on his skin. HE has the presence of command all about him. He wears light armor and brandishes a magnificent solanian steel longaxe.


Long ago Camus was brash arrogant and pretty much difficult to get along with at the best of times. Now while he didn’t anything wrong his behavior was always on the edge. His personality didn’t win people over and he was transferred from one Bastion Outpost to another. In one of his positions in a dessert he came along an injured Canosphinx while on patrol with some other bastion members. After applying some emergency first aid to the creature the two started talking and developed a strong friendship. Once the Canosphinx “Mareko” was healed she continued on with Camus. Now while Camus and Mareko got along famously Mareko’s vulgar sense of humor and general aloofness earned them the title “the Obscenity”

After a particularly difficult battle Mareko lay dying. Owing Camus a big favor the party’s spellcaster Vihj Karal took it upon himself to do something. Knowing that the residual magical aura of their dying foes would make traditional resurrection magic impossible he came up with an idea, since Mareko and Camus’ weapon had pretty much the same magical enhancements on them at hem Vihj infused the essence of Mareko in Camus’ axe. Mareko in time was fine his consciousness remained intact and there friendship continued.

However Camus attitude followed its usual course and he was shipped off to a small Bastion outpost in Mahabala known as the Jade Fortress. Once there he met a young lady named Delphiine who stirred something deep within him, her beauty and vulnerability gave him a new appreciation for the preciousness of life. His bliss was short lived however when he chose to protect Delphiine and her family rather than an artifact that the Bastion was interested in during an undead siege and therefore was called back to Bastion HQ.

Ordinarily that “error” in judgment would not warrant too severe a punishment but due to his past behavior and the numerous morally questionable activities that his involvement was always suspected in but never proven, more extreme orders were taken. The sentence was level drain and seizure of assets. The device that was to be used for his level drain was set for 3 levels but unbeknownst to anyone at the time an agent of the Dead college snuck in the night before and tampered with the machine so that Camus would be level drained to death. The plan almost succeeded but due to the keen eye of the overseer and Camus’ strong will to live Camus did not die but instead was severely weakend.

After Camus was rescued from the machines clutches the machine detonated making any level restoration impossible. Fortunately after a medical exam it was revealed that he would eventually regain all that was lost. Unfortunately Marekos sentence was already carried out and his consciousness was repressed. And it was unclear whether it would ever reemerge.


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