Kalon Kaal



Kalon is a highly charismatic character. (He has no hair of course!)

Everyone (especially his fellow party members) loves him and has the greatest respect and appreciation for him ;-).

He has three brothers that look like him – although they don’t behave like him.


Kalon Kaal and Kalon Duvaal are the same person. Kalon changed his name because of his chosen dissociation with the Kaal family. Kalon Kaal is:

  • one of the sons of Nathuul Kaal.
  • a brother of Falom, Dalong and Nirgali.
  • a distinguished member of the the Talon.
  • a Scale of the Great Satibah.
  • the widower of the beloved Brethanuae.
  • a member of the New Invincibles.

Kalon Kaal

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