Nuhr Baeshra

Half Pyroclastic Dragon Anthropomorphic Tiger


One during an ashertati manhood ritual, (which involved walking across semi-cooled hot magma) a young initiate lost his footing, as a section of the ground started moving. Later that day the initiate brought some more people back to investigate the phenomenon. Upon further investigation they discovered that that small section of the ground was actually breathing. They decided out of curiosity to dig it up, there they discovered some sort of creature that resembled a tiger with horns but whose skin looked like that of magma.

After the creature came to, he was interviewed on who he was; unfortunately he knew nothing of his past but a few random images and words. Given his size strength and physical prowess he was adopted by one of the first families of the village. He was given the name of Kathoo which name translate roughly to exulted protector and champion.

In his martial training he discovered that most metal weapons seemed to melt in his hands and all wooden ones burst into flames do to the sheer heat his body generated in the heat of battle, eventually he discovered monk training and found that not only did the nature of the martial training fit with his personality but also the discipline helped curb his anger and frustration in not knowing who he was or anything about his past.

For years he found happiness here, He was adopted by one of the more wealthy houses and treated like a son. He was loved and respected by the entire village and he wanted for nothing. One day he decided to venture further into the surrounding environment to gain a deeper understanding of the area and come back with stories to awe the young inspire the men and excite the women folk.

The journey itself was rather tame and made him rather bored. When he came back to the village to drown his sorrows in the embrace of his people he discovered the village in shambles. Concerned he raced into the cities to hopefully find his people unharmed. His hopes were soon dashed as he saw all his friends and family massacred in the village square.

From there he examined the bodies and found one citizen desperately clinging to life a young girl __ who often sat and listened to him tell stories to all the children before they went to bed, Our hero however could not save her and the child son died after managing to utter two words __ and _. Filled with rage and vengeance he tracked the subtle trail the attackers left, After hours of searching he came upon a Neogi with what seemed to be have a section of his body cut clean off, As he lay there slowly dying he looked over to him and started laughing.

Enraged he kills it by punching it through the mouth and ripping off its head from the inside, Not satiated by his vengeance he slowly makes his way back to the village and spends the next few weeks burying the villagers and grieving over there bodies. He then takes his meager belongings and some spare change and other minor effects he found when sifting through the wreckage and started wandering,.

Later on he came upon a Sand Dragon who became fascinated with him and soon struck up a conversation with him. In conversation and investigation he discovered that our hero was part dragon. Intrigued by this they continued speaking further and the Sand Dragon Ushta Küsh convinced him to seek out the Talon as they may have more information about his past,

Eventually our hero found a city that had a Talon office and soon made his way in under the direction of section president _ a Fang dragon, He didn’t have much information on his past but did know a few things. 1) He is part dragon (pyroclastic to be exact) 2) There was some sort of unique magical element in his origin and 3) they found something with his true name on it “Nuhr Baeshra”.

Thrilled by this news he gladly served the talon for a number of years, forging a niche as a great warrior bodyguard and enforcer. One day however he over heard a conversation between _ and another dragon, where he discovered the fact that really had no information and was lying to him about almost everything and that the name he came up with really means “ugly beast” and they ended up laughing about it. This laugh reminded him so much of the neogis laugh it took all he had not t bust in there and kill them all.

He instead merely left the phyle and he resumed wandering again. He did find a Sign of the swine headhunter one day and he started pitching the virtues of their phyle to him, It was no lie to say they valued money and wealth but they were forthright about that so he had no problem with it, in fact their attitudes of money and wealth were similar to Asherati values to which he found comforting

Nuhr Baeshra

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