Session 79: Goodbye Suma . . .

Baeshra Budget report

So we were regrouping after battle the with all the trolls, now while we were still facing a giant crab but it nothing to hurt us and helped us dispatch our enemies so I didn’t see it as a threat. It remained motionless as I dragged drentch and Kallon out of the anti-magic field so they could be healed up but unfortunately Ash (our ninja) was nowhere to be found. As soon as we were healed the crab sprung to life and started to attack us. It quickly grabbed Suma (our druid) and trapped him in one of his claws I think he turned into a rhino to escape but it appeared he died in his escape attempt. The crab kept pushing us back until he broke through the wall.

After we all got into the open area in front of Bill Gore’s we managed to finish off the crustacean before we continued our search from the missing Ash and Bill. Apparently as the creature crashed to the ground Percy saw a hatch on his underside swing open. I Groundhogged underneath it to investigate the hatch. In there I found nothing but Ash’s Pimp cane so my compatriots and I decided to look further within the Gore manor. When we got back in we finished off the Iron construct and proceeded deeper within the area.

There was a trap on the door but we managed to get by it eventually. We found a number of rooms including a wine cellar. Percy and I liberated a few bottles before our warlock insisted on smashing the room to bits. We found some food in the kitchen and I found a real nice couch in one of the other rooms before making our way back out again. We paused there as our cleric was preparing a raise spell to bring back our druid.

The XP Report

the date, as y’all are resting a day, is now VII 417/4/27

siege crab CR 14 4200 XP
iron golem CR 13 2800 XP
total * 7000 XP

officially, the crab should be divvied up among five, but i’m just going to do a four-part division, giving y’all 1750 XP each.



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