Session 78: A Visit to Casa Billgore

After visiting Mr. Saul Casant, we stopped in at Talon HQ. Kalon seemed about as popular as the proverbial lead balloon (those guys always seem like they are wrapped too tight for The Peace; note to self: try selling stuph to the Talon). Kalon had a note about some sort of caper in Sunith’s Alley – it sounded pretty crazy – maybe something for Da Long to investigate.

Our primary order of business was the plethora of bones to be picked with Mr. Billgore. After nosing around the pits, we found a little dude cleaning up the former offce of Mr. B. Our nemesis apparently lost his Pits priveliges and now mostly hangs out at some pimped up crib. Directions took us to a very long staircase. This staircase was distinguished by assorted cleaning tools and frilly underthings. As interesting as this was, we eventually decided to try a different door (which took us to a different staircase). Not as many mops this time, but we soon found our way to Casa Billgore. A couple of mountain trolls guarded the door. Percy set up a wall of rotating knives – the trolls took some damage from this, but needed a bit more work to be dropped.

After being welcomed by Billgore into his humble abode, we found ourselves in a big room with a few different sorts of trolls. The room had some sort of anti-magical effect (this is discrimination against spellcatsers!) . Fortunately, this effect did not extend to the corridor. I stayed in the corridor and managed to summon a greater fire elemental and also made use of the flame strike. Ash and Kalon disappeared early in the combat – I think they might have tried teleporting somewhere. I couldn’t see what happened to Drentch. Nuhr and I were taking quite a bit of damage. Fortunately Percy (who was quite large during the combat) gave us a bit of fast healing (no, not what you’re thinking). I must remember to prepare more healing and defensive magic.

Now, there’s this big crab-thing dishing out some serious ass-kicking on the trolls. I ‘m not going to argue with that line of reasoning.

I think Billgore might have disappeared – maybe he’s also into the teleportation/invisibility scene.

The XP report

critter cr xp (lvl 14)
ogre 3 diddly over squat
3 mountain trolls 3 @ 10 3 × 1050 = 3150
4 war trolls 4@ 12 4 × 2100 = 8400
antimagic field roughly 15 6300

because i’m a nice Evile DM™, i’m only going to split the XP six ways: the siege crab won’t get a share.

the total is 17850, which is 2975XP per PC. no uplevellage this time, looks like.

meanwhile, as far as in-game dates go, if we assume that this session happened the day after this session, it would’ve been VII 417/4/26. the next session happened on the same date. and then you had a day of downtime (i think i said), which means that this session (and, perhaps, the next one?) took place on VII 417/4/27



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