Session 76: Sewage and Snow

I was starting to think that my assignment to keep an eye on the Drummer Druid, Suma on behalf of the Amalgamated Siblinghood was going to be dull. Well, that just changed. The New Invincibles, decided on a course of action – to follow up on a lead on recent thefts from the Tunnelers. The subject of the lead, an inexplicably obese elf with an odd fondness for red velvet. The trail began in the sanitation shard the drains Shulath’s Neck. Not a pleasant experience, but hey, its a dirty job and someone has to do it. While down there we were jumped by a big pile of animated sewer sludge, as well as an even bigger pile of animated sewer sludge. Fun. Many slimy tentacles lashed us, but we prevailed without too much trouble.

We then emerged from the sewers into a very cold place near to the fashion-challenged elf’s abode. I took a few moments to improve the weather before we set out after our quarry. Very quickly, though, we were jumped by… by… well, I don’t know what the heck those things were, but they looked like gigantic mutant mountain sheep. There were eight of them and we all very nearly got greased, the whole lot of us. After a frightful struggle. though, most of us took to the air, got out of reach of the beasties and pummeled them from the air. Yikes. If these things are Saul’s first line of defense, it should be a total riot seeing what else he’s got hanging around.

The XP report

name cr xp lvl 13 xp lvl 14
dogai 11 1950 1400
big spawn 14 5850 4200
small spawn 10 1300 1050
trap 7 488 350
tlalusks 8×11 8×1950=15600 8×1400=11200

totals 25188 (lvl 13) 18200 (lvl 14) per PC 4198 (lvl 13) 3034 (lvl 14)



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