Session 77: Saul Casant

After being quite hurt by the initial attack of the large furry creatures, we had a little bit of time to recollect and heal ourselves thanks to the storm Percy created. As soon as the storm was released, however, we were again attacked by a red nosed furry thing and some archers.

With them defeated, and more of our resources depleted, we managed to make our way to the Tor, but could not find a door so that we could explore. We did not know what to do any more, but then we found a door on the floor. We then went into the core of the Tor and found a group of people who did not want us there any more.

With these people defeated, we finally met Saul Casant. He was generally quite cheery, but was quite reluctant to give us any information. This is not too surprising since it would be bad for his business. We did ask him to relay a message to the individuals that sold him a portal case that we would be interested in doing business with them and that they could contact us at the Tasty Dagron.

With that, we returned to the Peace to find that Bartle wants to get a few scoops from us and that something has happened to Drentch’s Dragon Zinth. Drentch is now a scale of Satibah. Interesting – I think we need to go see him to see what has transpired.



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