Session 75: An Apology, a Date and Trying to Snoop Around

VII 417/4/25

Well, looks like we’re getting our time in the Peace. I decided to clear up a couple of nagging things while Kalon and crew went on a date with Nianna. I went and put an order in a Whitby’s to order a ring I’ve had my eye on (boy, if I have to go back there because of this ring, they’ll be telling stories of what I do to him for decades). Another stop at Orthox’s and I hurried over to headquarters to borrow a quiet room. Boy, I could kiss him, he did it! With his help I’ve begun to realize the potential in this cloak. My eyesight has adjusted incredibly and I can even climb walls with it. I can’t wait to learn more.

I met everyone back at the Tasty Dagron, to see what happened with Kalon’s metting. The stories were rather convoluted, but I believe Nianna had romantic intentions for this liaison, while Kalon’s were more business oriented. Seems he couldn’t adjust on the fly, and left her feeling rather put out. Poor Kalon, if he could learn to relax for half a second, he might accidentally enjoy himself. And it seems, true to form, the Family spotted our two new junior members, and attempted to poison them. Quite the initiation for them.

Daalong showed up while we were there, with a report on the comings and goings at kobold’s shop. Drentch had returned from apologizing and now, for some reason, has taken an irrational liking to this guy. Heck, even Kalon believes we need to keep an eye on him, and he was told to drop the matter outright from his phyle. The mere mention of poking around in the kobold’s shop made Drentch angry. I decided to remove myself, and discuss the shop in further detail with Daalong where half-orcs aren’t so populous. I was very surprised that no one followed us, even though we kept a sharp lookout. I didn’t even need to change, so I guess Kalon got Drentch calmed down enough to not pursue. We retreated to a room close by that Daalong knew of (I get the feeling he know many such rooms) to plan an entry into the shop. There are two guard tubes set so sentries are watching the door specifically, and Daalong tells me of flour bag traps that will unmask the invisible. Perhaps this plan can wait until all our members are fully on board. Until then, having Daalong’s eyes to continue to be on the shop isn’t a bad idea. Now to meet back up with everyone…....



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