Session 73: Farewell


Trouble seems to follow us around. After hearing about a fire at Bob’s Apothecary, we went to investigate. There was a fair bit of smoke. A talking picture frame started telling us to go through a portal to meet our destiny. Wow, that must have been some good stuph – everybody else said they also saw the talking picture frame – but they also said that they hadn’t seen it there before. Anyway, there were some fat-assed critters blocking the doors to the apothecary. These critters didn’t attack us, but if I were to give them some advice, it would be ‘just say no to crack’ – yikes – that almost counts as a gaze attack.

Going through the aforementioned portal took us to (surprise, surprise) Gorgor’z Pitz. It seems that someone (e.g. with the initials Billgore) had a bone to pick with us – I can’t image why – we are decent adventurers simply wanting to earn a decent day’s XP. What is it with people always trying to harsh things up for us?

Our opponent in the pitz was named ‘Ricky’. Yeah, that’s right – rhymes with ‘jicky’. (I sure could use a lime rickey right now). The Rickster was all whoosh-whoosh and chop-chop with assorted sharp objects. He even set up a wall of rotating knives around Kalon and Ash. I buffed up (no, not that way) some of the other party members. After summoning a Xorn, I started to notice that Camus, Drentch and Shego were starting to go kind of apeshit. This is nothing new for Drentch; maybe the others got into my stash (were they mixing stuph with other substances? – I’ve heard that can be dangerous). Ricky and his blobbo buddies eventually dropped. No more knifey-spooney for them! This left Camus, Drentch and Shego duking it out with eachother and the Xorn. I had to call in an elephant to prevent them from coming after the rest of the party. It’s good that Kalon was able to grapple Drentch for part of the time with the tenticles. The Xorn dished out some sweet damage – here’s hoping they don’t have a union.

While we did defeat the Rickenator, we lost 2 of our own – Camus and Shego. Poor Camus – he was a good dog (his cohorts didn’t last very long – sort of like drummers for Spynal Tapp). Shego – may you rest in peace – I’ll think of you any time I see some dust on my blade. Dust to dust, indeed. We made sure they had decent memorials – the bastion will do something for Camus (we made sure that had his ribbon). Shego’s final trip was over the falls. I’m hoping to make some stone monuments to our fallen comrades – it will look nice in our fortress.

The funny thing about losing members of the party is that there is always a decent, honourable chap willing to step up and take the place of a fallen adventurer . It always works out that way. I’ve heard other adventurers talk about it – “somebody dies – somebody new shows up”. Yup, the circle of life has its ups and downs, but everything evens out in the end – it’s like we are all part of some great interconnected consciousness. Man, I need some stuph.

The XP report

critter CR XP(level 12) XP (level 13)
ragewalker 15 10800 7800
living cone of cold 9 1200 975
living cloudkill 7 600 488
PC-on-PC violence 13 5400 3900

the level 13 totals are 13163XP, which among six comes to 2194 XP each. (at level 12, Camus got 3000 XP as he tapped out.)



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