Session 72: Elementary, My Dear, Kishra's a Dragon!

Well, the elementals have been taken care of. It was not the easiest task, but we nevertheless succeeded. I must figure out how these beasts can always see through my illusions.

After the trial, we made our way back to the Peace and finally made our meeting with Satibah. It turns out that Kishra is a nasty red dragon that had ideologies that could potentially destroy the Talon. DK and Neil are potential associates of Kishra. I wonder if Nirgali is also associating with her at this time. I guess time will tell.

We are returning to the tavern to check on messages. DK, Nirgali and Kishra in the mind . . .

The XP report

the omnimental was CR 15. for twelfth level characters, that’s 10800/6 = 1800 XP, for thirteenth level characters, that’s 7800/6 = 1300 XP. share and enjoy.



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