Session 71: We seem to have a talent for honking people off.

Whoo! gotta catch my breath – We’ve just gotta few heartbeats before we’re going to have to fight again. How the heck did we get to this? Let’s see – I was performing wy basic forms during the day’s training in the courtyard when all of a sudden 4 rather antisocial types suddenly popped into existence and started going for Suma. Weird. He got pounded a few times before the rest of us managed to react and join the fray – I swear that the poor guy was starting to dissolve for a minute there. He managed to pull himself together, though, and we all managed to finish ‘em off. Strange beasties – they looked like an amalgam of the elementals that Suma is so fond of summoning, but in a humanoid form. They weren’t too tough, though and we soon dispatched them. Just as we were bothering to ask ourselves, “What the fook?” We heard what sounded like something pounding on the tower. Something big. Damn big. We headed over to check it out and saw something that looked like a 50 foot tall big brother of the first four, only less humanoid – more bloboid, really. It was shouting a bunch of stuff that I couldn’t make out, except for the name of Suma! over and over again. Yeesh. I wonder what our Drummer pal has done to piss these heavies off, anyway. Suma and Camus tried to explain, but I didn’t pay attention – after all, there was a fight looming! I positioned myself between Suma and the baddie and stood at the ready. Bugger! this thing could fly and fly well. So much for trying to shield the druid. I hammered it when it was close to the ground when I could and peppered it with acid arrows when I couldn’t. Not my most ‘knockout punch’ spell, but it became quickly obvious that this dude was unaffected by fire or electricity – my normal two favourites. We sniped and pounded at it as best as we could and finally brought it down, with the party only somewhat the worse for wear. Now its remains seem to be coalescing into slightly smaller nasties comprised of each of its four constituent elements. Ah, well, a real fight is better exercise than the weapon katas anyway! I must remember to ask Suma what the heck is going on after all this is done.

The XP report

well, the unravellers are each CR 9, and there were four of them. at level 12, that’s 4 × 1200 = 4800 / 6 = 800 XP. at level 13, that’s 4 × 975 = 3900 / 6 = 650 XP. no XP yet for the omnimental – you’ve not yet defeated it.



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