Session 70: The Frost and the Butler

Being the “sit and wait” types that we are, once the wounds were all bandaged we immediately set out. The bridge was covered in ice. As the others were discussing rope each other together, I thought I’d start out and see how far I could get. It was quite a challenge to try to stay on the bridge. Camus teleported to a spot and immediately slipped off and found out how far it was to the floor. The ice golems that greeted him were probably very happy to have something to do. The rest of the boys made it down the 80 ft or so and engaged the golems, while I tried to finish crossing the bridge. I must have been watching them too intently, because I soon joined Camus. A little help from the wall on the way down helped some of the impact, but it still hurt. We carried on to the end of the bridge from down below. Climbing back up and continuing, we found an ice pantry with a bizarre trap. Ice water kept shooting out of the ceiling, trying to freeze us to the spot. Keeping our distance, Kalon blasted most of the nozzles away. We removed a big chunk of ice to find a portal. Amazingly enough, we found ourselves in the cold room of a kitchen. After some snooping (and some soup, we were discovered by Jeeves the butler. He escorted us to a large chamber to wait. Turns out we were waiting for Anilhan, a rather large Copper Dragon. No one would quite tell us where we were, or who exactly DK might be (although she did own the place we were in). Anilhan was rather skeptical of our story, but showed us to a portal back to the Peace. Going through had us end up in a stronghold of the Sign of Swine. I find this interesting and am going to try and find out who this DK is and what could be going on, but first I really need to sleep.

The XP report

critter CR lvl 11 lvl 12 lvl 13
ice golem (2) 2 @ 9 2 × 1650 = 3300 2 × 1200 = 2400 2 × 975 = 1950
glacial jet trap 14 9900 7200 5850
assorted butlers and cooks; and THE copper dragon 11ish 3300 2400 1950
level total XP divided among six PCs, you receive
11 16500 2750
12 12000 2000
13 9750 1625

camus, welcome (back) to level 12. shego, welcome to level 13.

note that there’s also cash waiting for you in the tasty dagron, in the amount of 11000 gp each. again, in order to use this money, you must post something here explaning where it came from and why it’s yours. also, as usual, if you have shopping to do, please discuss with the DM (ideally by posting something here) before the next session, and sooner would be better than later.

also, i realize in retrospect that i could’ve been a little more generous with information in the encounter with Anilhan. i’m prepared to entertain retroactive Sense Motive and Spot checks – post your results here in the next day or two, and then watch your e-mail.



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