Session 74: Baeshra Budget report

So I made my way into the Tasty dragon and came upon a group of people, the group itself didn’t look to unusual except for the orc, which I made the leap of logic that this was Blood Drentch the rightful recipient of the letter I was carrying. I Didn’t make the introduction right away as some human was chatting up the Halfling and it seemed serious. Eventually I got tired of all the talking and made the drop off.

He read the letter but didn’t seem to enthusiastic and after he read the letter and he said that I would make a good addition to their team. Given who gave me this letter in the first place I decided to go along with it.

After investigating what I initially thought was a fire we made our way through they’re base and met up with this elf Illiana who seemed intrigued and shocked by me (but really how is that different from anyone else) She was really interested in knowing more about me and collected a blood same to see of she could learn anything more about my heritage or lineage, perhaps I should have thought more before offering my blood to a complete stranger but you know If she can find any info It’ll be worth it, She Spoke of recent robberies of portable holes and bags of holding as well as this new thing they were developing called a portal case, which is something that can transport a portal itself. There was a point of conjecture on which phyle was responsible. After the discussion we decided to investigate,

After that we made our way to the Wallaby and Onyx where we had some drinks as they were there to meet with someone. We all had drinks and after they heard what I was having most people changed their order to dark ale as well. Halfway through my sub-par soup I heard that someone darted across the room behind me. The warlock Kallon disappeared and investigated, Some moments later the same guy darted out the front door, I managed to track him all over the place until the over-zealous let loose a gust of wind to clear the crowd and at the same time blew away the scent. By that time however I the rest of the party and enough information had enough information to discern where the guy was

We met the guy in his hotel room and eventually got to talking with him. I found out his name was Dowlong Kal the Warlocks brother and a barrage of Q&A ensued. Again a lot of talking happened but the main point I got was that he had this guy Eck was following the group for a long time and Dalong was selling contact info of the party without their knowledge. They eventually reached a détente and they agreed that Dalong could keep running his business If they told the group who he was talking to/giving info to.

After we were done there we made our way through a bazzar (where I picked up some cigars) and went to investigate one of the “hit” warehouses. After a direct and indirect attempt to get in we retreated to a local bar, the Dizzy thug, We found out there the name of one of the guards and we met up with him at this alter he frequented. Eventually we got him to talk and he spoke of 6 cloaked individuals one of whom was really large, The guard managed to sniper shot the guy before he was knocked out himself. When he came to again the big guy was still there and dead. The only distinguishing mark was a whip tattoo wrapped around his arm. The investigation was short lived and the body was tossed into the shit shard. The Guard was disappointed with the lack of interest in this matter and encouraged us gaining new information, After a fruitless stealth siege on the warehouse we returned to the Dizzy thug and gained some more info…

The XP report

the activities in this session were free-form enough (even including the skill challenege – there are definite rules about XP awards for those in 4ed, but they depend on certain assumptions that don’t cross over to 3.5) that i’m just going to call this 1800 xp for all involved.



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